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  1. Hi , I just received a short but clear answer from “hat” (Zaxcom Support Team): “Sorry those pins will not be active to do that.” Another clever and specifically designed concept lost in the “to do” list (AKA: “optional” in the manual) that will never be released. No more comments. Thanks everybody.
  2. Hi there, I dont know if this has been discussed before, but I wonder if the Hirose 10pin CAMERA connector in Fusion10 and Deva 5.8 has the optionals pin#6 at 12v and pin#8 TC outs active by default, or it must be ordered specifically this way. I'm planning to make a Hirose 10pin CAMERA / IFB100 connexion with just one cable. Many thanks Daniel Fontrodona AMPS
  3. Hi Griffin, I own a Blackmagic downconverter and it does indeed crop image at the sides. Try a Decimator, it will be fine.
  4. Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. July 2014
  5. My favorite sound gear purchases in 2012: Cinela Piano windshield Ambient QP 4140 boom pole Pro-Sound Sanken Cos11 vampire clips Petrol Bag PS602 (thanks Richard Thomas) Zaxcom ERX2TDC's Zaxcom Nomad 12 and a dozen of Phil Palmer's style carpets. Happy 2013 everyone!
  6. Re-recording from transmitters via Zaxnet is still not working with Nomad. It seems the function was buggy and had to be temporally removed. It works on Deva and Fusion though.
  7. 3.5 to Lemo 5pin -TC- and ta3 male -audio- for Red One. Ta3 female to 5 pin XLR male for this cable to work with Arri Alexa.
  8. From Zaxcom forum: "Zaxcom does not officially support Mix-12 use, but you can utilize the faders, trim pots and input meters". And hopefully also keyboard in future (with Nomad 12)
  9. Thanks Christian! Anyone using a Mix12 with Nomad 12? wondering about mix faders 9 to 12
  10. Hi Christian, a little off topic, but I am interested in which inputs of Nomad can you control with trims and faders 7 & 8 on mix8, as faders 1 to 6 are supposed to be hardcoded to inputs 1-6, but there is no information regarding these extra faders. Returns 1&2? Thanks Daniel
  11. My ERX1TCD lives inside an arm band pouch with a right angle 1/8" Neutrik connector. Very low profile, and camera assistants love it.
  12. Glenn, will the collar around the volume knob also be sold as a part for existing ERX and TRX942? Thanks Daniel
  13. Very nice improvements indeed! Looking forward to get a companion for my ERX1TCD unit for a movie shooting in Lithuania, starting 2nd week of September. Project involves IFB100 sending time code and scratch audio feed to 2 Red Epic cameras equipped with Zaxcom ERXTCD's. The distributor in Spain -where I live- has run out of older units and I have been caught in between, as new ERX2TCD seem not to be shipping yet. Another distributor in NYC told me I should wait at least a week more. Starting to get nervous...
  14. Hi Rado, I am rewiring an old Stereoline Zaxcom line hope cable like the one you did. I have found that, if I leave the Zaxcom Lemo 4pin unmodified, pin 1 & 4 (Ground and Genlock respectively in Red Epic configuration) are bridged and pin 3 is audio signal (Time code input in Red Epic config) . Is it an issue if we leave ground connected to Genlock for our purpose of just feeding tc to Red? Did you unsolder the Lemo pin contact number 3? Thanks Daniel
  15. And that brings me to the question: Howy, are existing LT transmitters upgradable to LTH? I sent one to factory for such an upgrade (because I had read in this forum that it was possible) and it was returned to me without any modification. Thanks
  16. My LT's and LTH's work fine with rechargeable Eneloop batteries, 2100mAh and 2500mAh, even at 125mW. I sent one of my LT's back to factory for an upgrade to LTH, and it was sent back to me without any modification, so I guess that isn't possible either.
  17. Hi Den, I also own a Piano Cinela. Unfortunately the suspension does not come off the basket. It seems there was a compromise in the design in order to make it cheaper and more reliable. Less modularity than Rycote but higher performance.
  18. Hi Glenn Just received my second TRX942 unit. In order to limit the peaks with the AES42 SuperCMIT there are a lot of parameters to deal with in the "Dynamics" page. I just wish it to act the way the analog Limiter does with my CMIT. I've been playing with it for the last year but I'm still not convinced, so I would appreciate a recommended setting for that purpose. Thanks From the manual: SIDECHAIN: (Sidechain Selection) This parameter selects the audio used to control the dynamics; specifically it selects the audio feed to the dynamics peak detector. The options are: o HFB: Input audio to the mic high-passed o LP2: Input audio to the mic low passed more o LP1: Input audio to the mic low passed o IN: Input audio to the mic Note that this selection does not change the audio that is being processed by the dynamics, rather it changes the audio signal used to determine the level or "loudness" of the audio. SPEED: [sLOWEST] / [sLOW] / [NORMAL] / [FAST] / [FASTEST] (Decay Speed) Controls the decay speed of the peak detector used by the dynamics processing. ATTACK: [sLOWEST] / [sLOW] / [NORMAL] / [FAST] / [FASTEST] (Attack Speed) Controls the amount of gain slewing which will generally slow the response to attack transients only. CMP RATIO: (valid range: 1.0:1 to 3.0:1 to 5.0:1, value step: 0.1) (Compressor Ratio) Sets the compressor ratio i.e. 2.0:1 means for every 1 dB above the compressor threshold the gain will be reduced 2 dB. CMP THRESH: (valid range: 0 to -20dB to –96dB, value step: 1) (Compressor Threshold) Sets the threshold below which gain reduction occurs according to the compressor ratio setting. CMP KNEE: (valid range: 0 to 20dB, value step: 1) (Compressor Soft Knee) Sets the "depth" of the compressor's soft knee. A soft knee of 6 dB will result in more gradual gain reduction in the 6 dB range over the compressor's set threshold. Note that settings below 6 dB have very little effect. EXP RATIO: (valid range: 1:1.00 to 1:1.10 to 1:4.00, value step: 0.01) (Expansion Ratio) Sets the expansion ratio i.e. 1:2.0 means for every 1 dB above the expansion threshold the gain will be reduced 2 dB. EXP THRESH: (valid range: 0 to -40 to –96dB, value step: 1) (Expansion Threshold) Sets the threshold above which gain reduction occurs according to the expansion ratio setting. REDUCE: (valid range: 0 to -12 to –36dB, value step: 1) (Expander Gain Reduction) Sets the absolute limit on the amount of gain reduction caused by the expander. GAIN: (valid range: 0 to 30dB, value step: 1) (Make-up Gain) Used to compensate for the gain reduction caused by the action of the compressor.
  19. DPA 4073, (3 Volts version of DPA 4071) should work with Zaxcom wireless just like DPA 4063. Oddly, it is not on the Zaxcom "approved" mics list.
  20. Recently a DOP complained about my standard Rycote grey windjammer absorbing some light over the actors ( no shadow, just diffuse light absortion) and asked me if I had a lighter colour one, otherwise he suggested we should set the mic further away. Obviously the mic remained where it should be, but from next day I always had a Sennheiser MZH 60-1 white windjammer, which fits in my Rycote windshield, ready for a swap. Just in case.
  21. Schoeps SuperCmit 2U / Zaxcom TRX942 wireless boom rig
  22. Hi Rich, Are the CCM RF shielded like CMC6? How do they perform plugged directly to a Zaxcom transmitter?
  23. Hi Vale, I use Yagi antennas tuned to my UHF block and also PWS helicals, but Zaxcom provide their own sharkfins, which is also a very reliable way to go.
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