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  1. Thanks osa for your answers. Seems as though you really love your cs-m1. Since you have other mics, would there be any situations you would use a different mic than the cs-m1 in interior spaces?
  2. Great to see that the cs-m1 can step toe to toe with the much loved mkh50. Any experience with them in reverberant interior spaces?
  3. This mic has interested me as one of my first solid interior mics. Before I was thinking of getting a mkh50 for a first interior mic. I work primarily in South Korea on narratives, branding content and YouTube content. Korean houses and buildings generally are not furnished warmly with cloth sofas or rugs - lots of concrete and hard surfaces like working in studios. Would the CS-M1 adequately work well in these hard reflective environments? Another situation that arises often are web dramas that shoot two cameras often. Often times inexperienced directors and camera operators don't shoot for good sound so seems as though the reach of the CS-M1 over the mkh50 seems to be an advantage. Thinking hard about this mic.
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