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  1. Hi Jon and Paul Glad to see you here following this topic,I love my MixPre6 a lot on a recent hiking gig, really saved my back,but there are a few things I noticed during using it : "I’m using MixPre 6 V2.21, it’s fine for the first week on my current project, and I have been using usbC cable to copy the file into my laptop all good for the first week. I’m recording 24bit 48KHz and one day the MixPre6 auto changed its sample rate to 44.1KHz without my awareness until I got back and transferred files into wave agent. Ah pain! To convert all the files back to 48KHz in pro tools and re-entry all the metadata in wave agent. Then I tried several times try to re-produce this problem, sometimes my mixpre6 would change its sample rate to 44.1 and sometimes it stays at 48KHz and there is no any kind of warning message when sample rate changes. So I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem ? I’m on latest Mac OS 10.14?. And I was using Wingman all day everyday, for such important info I do wish either on MixPre’s main screen or on wingman the sample rate should be shown and at least give a warning/checking message with the user when it’s auto changing sample rate. Beside this I also want to see current frame rate on either main screen or wingman’s main screen when I’m feeding a tc signal to MixPre. And also, currently MixPre takes time ode but it did not take external userbits, I’m feeding it from Tentacle UB is set to date and everyday MixPre has same userbits “$00000000” when reading from wave agent. " I posted in the FB MixPre group months ago and many other users had these problems, but I did not see any changes in the latest firmware so I put them here again. Best Cloud
  2. I have always used an external TC master to lock my Deva's tc to prevent this happen.
  3. my only concern is that how well protected the SD card slot is ? is there any chance an accidentally touch would eject the card out ?
  4. my ccm8 is really sensitive to RF,it has to be half meter away from any TX at least,and yes it's really sensitive to the handling noise as well,whenever I can i would leave it on a tripod.
  5. Great job Rob ! the fold up cart has served me many years now and glad to see this great add on ! do you think on the back side where the cable hook usually been hanged area,you can make two "that plastic cover thing" similar to boom pole holder cover,which could allow me to put the cable hook on the cart shelf but the hook is outside the cover and water won't goes inside the cover ? so I can still hang something outside the cart but still get most of the cart covered. best Cloud
  6. that's great,is the IFB board will still working in the dual mode 235 as well ?
  7. thank you very much Rado for doing the test,looking forward to seeing what Howy's magic can does. best
  8. thank you very much for sharing this info Adriano
  9. the RC8+ is really great add-on ,I hope they can make a bigger size fader control panel, the one they announced before is too tiny at least for me,the recorder self can be as small as possible but why make that fader control panel so small ? The system is almost there if they can release a bigger 12 faders control panel.
  10. love my 82i a lot but it gets RF from my TX and also random RF interference from crew's walkie talkie. Anyone had theirs sent back to Neumann to fix this ? is there such a fix ?
  11. yes an endplate can has both digital and analog would be really great. And for Octopack, is there will be a new version comes out as well ? I'd love to see them have digital output as well. best
  12. I like SSM due to it has the lemo3 connector which can switch between my zax TX, its battery runs six hours which is great too. My only concern of using it on my last feature was the limited 50mW output,the range is not so stable as SMQV of course,and even though it's so tiny but with the tightened clothes our super hot actress wearing is still just a little bit noticeable but I wouldn't imagine what it gonna looks like if I was using any other TX. When VRField 2 I'm waiting !
  13. so after four years....I'm wondering what are the solutions now days ? My comtek 216 in the bag gets this noise as well from my zax TX and zax IFB in the same bag,physical distance did make it better, and every time I put my hand on my comtek TX(already in a separated distance with other TX) that pitch sound goes away and I pull my hand off the comtek,that noise comes back...i'm powering the comtek from its own 9v batt. any thoughts ? thank you all very much best Cloud
  14. well my deva16 does have two analog channel that has a random odd low freq noise from time to time,I sent it back to factory last Oct and they can't find out what it was and just return it back to me,and this noise still happen from time to time.
  15. the other thing I prefer QRX models over RX12 which is they have two TA5 for each receiver,which is great for me to connect them both on analog and digital gears at the same time,the design of RX12 is OK for me but I really need&want more output on RX12.
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