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    I am a Miami FL location sound recordist with about four years experience working on corporate, news, web and documentary film productions. I've come to production sound after more than 30 years as a photojournalist and commercial stills photographer.
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  1. Yes there are highways a couple of miles away ... I recorded with the 80 low cut on the Mix-Pre D and rolled off more in post, a necessary evil in high population Florida. As for the high pitched frogs, I don't know, maybe all the deep voiced ones croaked.
  2. I've been making field recordings in very quiet Florida swamps and forests with a simple rig that's about in your budget range: a Sound Devices MixPre-D, small with terrific preamps, an Audio Technica AT4025 x\y stereo mic, compact and rugged, Rycote Baby Ball wind protection, and tiny Sony M10 recorder. It all fits in small canvas shoulder bag, runs for hours on lithium AAs, and although X/Y may not give me the broadest stereo field, it's very nice for a small kit. You mentioned frogs in stereo ... the closest are 2 yards away, others 100 yards.
  3. Just off phone with Sound Devices tech support again, confirming information mentioned earlier on this thread. The CF and SD cards are not back up to each other, but they both write the same data at the same time. On his machine he hit record, then pulled the SD card, received grey boxed "SD warning I/O error", machine kept recording onto the CF. Full file good on CF, nothing written to the SD. So if my Transcend (no longer approved) SD card had failed, then I should have the full recording on the CF. I did not. Both CF and SD had same six minutes of 18 minute recording. So he can only speculate 1) the buffer was overloaded, but then I should of received a "overflow I/O warning", or 2) a hardware issue above the buffer. He's never seen this before. So no satisfactory answer. Normally I would suspect my own operator error, but in this particular case I recall looking down at the screen, seeing the machine in record and the time rolling, then reporting the 18 minutes to the producer. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. Yes my 633 had both a SD and CF card installed, and the "to short" file in question was identical on both. I ran Disk Drill software and only recovered old jobs, not any "missing" part of the file. I distinctly recall the recorder rolling at 18 minutes and the producer recalls me telling him the time. I'm certainly not infallible, I've made mistakes before, but in this case I think I had a file writing problem. As Sound Devices tech says they no longer recommend Transcend cards, I've ordered San Disk SD cards on their approved list. Final call, no definitive answer.
  5. I distinctly remember looking at the screen, the recorder was recording with red bars on top and recording time elapsed rolling, and telling the producer we had 18 minutes. I have the file size set to 4 GB. The recording was from the beginning of the interview. I've run Disk Drill on both cards, and other than recovering old jobs, no other files recovered. Thanks.
  6. Sound Devices SD 633 WAV file shorter than expected. At end of take looked down at screen, recorder rolling and told producer interview was 18 minutes long. But the file on both the CF and SD card is only 6'48". SD tech only suggestion was that my Transcend SD 90mbs 32 GB card, which was on approved list in April 2014 when bought 633, may be glitchie and at end of life. They no longer recommend any Transcend cards he says. CF card approved Sandisk 120 mbs 32 gb. Latest OS 4.01. Any one experience this? What recovery software suggest to search on card to see if somehow file was split up and recorded somewhere? Am I toast with this client
  7. Larry, with an LR receiver when would you use High Smart Noise Reduction rather than Normal SNR?
  8. Thanks to a suggestion from this list, I've successfully used an Apple Lightening to USB Camera Adapter cable to send audio to an iPhone 6s from the USB out of a Sound Devices Mix Pre D, for a Cooking Network live Face Book webcast. I couldn't figure out how to set levels into the iPhone, though, so I just eyeballed them and all sounded fine.
  9. In February, while working on a campy low budget feature, I had already placed my mic and strapped the transmitter to my actors chest when wardrobe surprised me with squeaky inflatable breasts ... needless to say we ended up booming the scene.
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