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  1. David Settlemoir

    Sample Production Contract

    Non-union. Arkansas is also a Right-To-Work state. Its been a long time since I've had to deal with being a PA. I've never thought of using the quote function on the Paid! invoicing software I use. Might be time. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. David Settlemoir

    Sample Production Contract

    Does anyone have a sample production contract they are willing to share? I guess it is time to finally start using one (after the email I got from a producer this morning) after submitting an invoice for my 17 hour day yesterday: "I don't do mileage. I pay for gas, I thought I explained that. And I didn't know you were charging for travel time. I have never paid an hourly rate for any sound person traveling from little rock. So we need to figure something out." I've been in this business for about 25 years and I think this is only the second client that has balked at mileage or travel time (first was when I worked on Unsolved Mysteries as a PA in the 80's when they didn't want to put me in a hotel.) I wouldn't have driven seven hours total just for a day rate and equipment rental. Thanks. David
  3. David Settlemoir

    which pelican case?

    I use a Storm Case iM2750 for my 442 setup. I have the pockets/pouches for inside lid. I also bought a small plastic rectangular bin at Target to hold smaller items. I also use a Plano arrow tube case for my Loon Audio boom since it will not fit in the storm case.
  4. David Settlemoir

    AA rechargeable battery supply

    Has anyone tried these: Powergenix NiZN rechargeable batteries
  5. David Settlemoir

    Lectro SRa recievers for bag use.. revisited

    I fixed it. I think.
  6. David Settlemoir

    Lectro SRa recievers for bag use.. revisited

    PDF of manual is here: [ftp=ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasonic/Drivers/PBTS/manuals/OM_AJ-HDX900.pdf]ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasonic/Drivers/PBTS/manuals/OM_AJ-HDX900.pdf[/ftp]. Try page 37.
  7. David Settlemoir

    Manfred Klemme (KTek)

    I dropped him a line and he replied he was getting his wheelchair type certificate on Friday. Sounded in good spirits. David
  8. David Settlemoir

    Nice work Philip

    Very Nice!
  9. David Settlemoir

    Questions about using a battery distribution system for my bag...

    Another vote for B4B NP-1s. I've got two I've been using since 10/2007 without any problems. I also bought a couple of their AB 90W batts and charger for my Panasonic HPX300 last July. David
  10. David Settlemoir

    Labeling your equipment ?

    I've been using these guys for a few years. Pretty inexpensive, and none of the labels have come off. ID My Stuff David
  11. David Settlemoir

    I Hope They Serve beer In Hell

    Hey Larry, finally caught the movie when it opened here in Little Rock. Nice job! I bet it was interesting to work on... David
  12. David Settlemoir

    Hollywood negotiations

    This is my 2009 so far. David
  13. David Settlemoir

    WalMart, Capitalism and predatory behavior

    This thread has reminded me to let CNBC know I will be available for the Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting this summer . . . <g> You folks should be in Arkansas and shoot in their corporate HQ for the networks. I'm thankful for the work, but that place is like a different world. I once had to sign a sheet when I went in saying I didn't have SARS. On the other hand, the manager at a Sam's Club in Texas offered to let us stay there with their employees during Hurricane Rita since they were the only place with power and A/C. They even let us shoot on their parking lot that day which is usually unheard of. David
  14. David Settlemoir

    Happy Birthday Jeff Wexler

  15. David Settlemoir

    Nifty Gadget

    I did truly laugh out loud on that one!