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  1. That looks great. which insert in particular? Which pouches? Would be interesting to make a mix bag frame out of this.......?
  2. Buyers market then? in my country 700 and below is still legal. lucky! There have been times when bottom end of 27 and top end of 26 has saved the day. In fact, a site surveyed and tested the previous day has been totally RF smashed by high power random spectrum testing. You cannot compete with that. Lucky once again we have access to products such as lectrosonics PDR and zaxcom recording wireless, amongst others. I am sure that the spectrum will continue to be sold off, and luckily manufacturers are evolving their products and somehow continuing to survive. The world is a large place. If you do not know what is legal in the market you live in, then you are lacking in education. If you are selling equipment then it needs to be clear what you are selling. if you purchase wireless that is legal where you work, but does not fit in the spectrum where you work, than once again, you are lacking in education. If Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, and Wisycom could all get together and have some kind of orgy, then we could all have a wide spectrum rubberised, dual mic, totally waterproof, low to high powered, tiny bendable, remote controllable, multi antenna fibre optic based digital multiplexed, rechargeable microphone system with IFB. I bought Block 28 and block 29 IFB from the US while it was still legal in my country, based on clear and available spectrum, with only a year and a half before it was no longer legal. it served my needs perfectly at the time, and when it was not viable to send it back to Lectrosonics for reblocking, I sold it overseas into a market at a fair price where it was still legal and re invested in other equipment. Be careful, know what you are buying and make sure it suits your business plan. in the meantime, I am keeping a smallish amount of gear based on the jobs I am doing now. I will sleep soundly knowing that everything I have bought and worked and sold and bought again, will be beneficial to all parties. Honest business practices and reputation is the most important.
  3. no Condoms on TX. Steve Kruger is a great guy, incredibly clever and practical. Years of high level production experience.
  4. Vintage? 1999? It's going to be hard to find a steam engine to power your microphones. It was so long ago I doubt there is any left.
  5. 3 shure sm 58 Plus a small pa for music playback. Take a split of the music and ISO the vocal mics. Treat it as recording a live gig, which it more or less is. This is essentially a live music recording of a performance, not a studio album or high end feature film?
  6. Even more relevant. Well done.
  7. *oldhat* *newhat* *redhat* *bluehat* That's catchy..... Could be a song in that.
  8. Yes Mike I do. That is why I posted it. Your point?
  9. It's good to get some help from members here. It's even better if you download the manuals first and try and find the information yourself. This may even influence your initial questions, and you are more likely to learn more.
  10. In my experience, most commentary is done on headsets, (sennheiser hmd25, hmd26, audio technica, etc) or a Coles lip ribbon. Fairly difficult to be off mic, but a fidgeting commentator will most likely find a way!
  11. I think being able to hear anything off the field in a stadium of up to 80 thousand mad screaming football fans is amazing. I am sure the sound supervisors mixing the games have plenty of experience. There is a lot more to broadcast sound than just a few microphones around a field.
  12. He forgot to mention number 4. Collecting your hard earned sandwich for payment!
  13. Sounds to me like there may not be a dialogue editor.....
  14. Mark

    Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    Hockey World Cup?
  15. I think your new hat should say "WTF is my old hat"
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