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  1. jerome mccann

    Petition for A Sound device CL12

    Hi Paul, Just to check, when using the CL12, can you adjust trims on the 688 big (black) faders OR only with small (silver) trims for channels 1-6? If not, would this be possible with an update, or impossible as it's analog hardware? Thanks Jerome
  2. jerome mccann

    633 POWER CYCLE?

    Hi Hobo? CF sandisc extreme 16 + 32 gb 60mb/sec UDMA - they have worked fine in my 788 for about two years (cycled with other cards of same spec). SD sandisc extreme plus 128gb 80mb/sec - I started to use this after this fault but encountered a recent corrupt file - SD looking into it as we speak, CF Card was ok. Recently been using a new Rii RT-MWK01 2.4Ghz wireless keyboard too, instead of big cherry usb keyboard I use with my 788 Best Jerome
  3. jerome mccann

    633 POWER CYCLE?

    Thanks all, SD got back to me pretty dam quickly…all sorted as per Matt.
  4. jerome mccann

    633 POWER CYCLE?

    Hi All, My new 633 has crashed/prompted a power cycle - can't see this in the manual. All power is disconnected from the unit and it still displays the message. What to do? Only testing at home today so no stress! Thanks in advance Jerome