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  1. Freeman

    ADVICE please! Buy a 744t or Zoom f8?

    Thanks so much for your replies! I have been reading a huge number of reviews and I know the theoretical ins and outs of both machines, but it's incredibly helpful to have all of your advice on this particular issue as many of you have way way more experience with this stuff than I do. It's immensely appreciated. Jose your review was fantastic, and really the only thing I've read about the f8 which I've actually taken seriously. It was actually what prompted me to seriously consider it as an option. I've operated the 744t before, and I'm in agreement that it's a solid machine. The zoom f8 does look amazing on paper though, and I'm hindered by a limited budget. For me it's only a matter of getting something that will allow me to perform well at my job and bring me more work. As I mentioned I have a 442 which I'll be running as my front end, so preamps and integrated mixer functionality aren't so much of an issue. Just to clarify, I live in Australia, so the zoom f8 is gonna cost me around $1600AUD (>$1200usd) after shipping, tax and the good old old "you live in australia" surcharge It's good to know I can resell it to one of you guys if I dont end up hanging onto it though
  2. Hey everyone! this is my first post so excuse my noob status I'm about to upgrade my DR680 as I'm getting more work, but I have a limited budget and I'm after some advice on which recorder I should go for. I have an opportunity to buy a used 744t at about the same price as a new zoom f8. Even though it's on it's way to being obsolete, would I be wise to grab it and forget about the f8? I'm pretty suckered by the 8 tracks, promise of good timecode, bluetooth capabilities etc... but I have reservations about it being a zoom and it's reliability, and that nobody has used one yet, and don't wanna get laughed off a film set because i have non-pro gear ... the 744t is a workhorse for sure, but would I be stupid to buy gear that old, especially if I'm gonna be reselling it an upgrading in a year or so anyway? Either way it's gonna go behind my 442 most of the time anyway so I'm not that fussed about the preamps. Advice would be appreciated!