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  1. There are several other ways to add ZaxNet to non Zaxcom recorders. The IFB200 is a standalone zaxnet transmitter that can do everything a Zaxcom recorder can do with regards to ZaxNet - plus you get a two channel back up recorder built it. Or you can use a camera link - the CL also can give you full function remote control, back up recording as well as feeding audio and time code to the RX200 and the new URX. Or even QRX235 will have the ability to transmit remote control right from the receiver. So there is no reason why you can't have full function Zaxnet remote control by using another mixer.
  2. The internal battery is replacable - i dont have mine infront of me but can you unscrew the back and and pull the battery?
  3. Did you try to plug in power?
  4. The URX is a UHF receiver. It will receive signal from ANY zaxcom transmitter ever built. It will not receive a Zaxnet 2.4ghz signal. If you want to receive audio via Zaxnet you will still need to use an ERX.
  5. I recently got one and I'm planning on adding a few more to my kit. I am very happy and pleased with the JB1 and I too love Deneke and their customer service.
  6. Before casting any judgement on the lack of auto-trim just wait and see. If the new trim method is a complete failure - which I don't think it is - perhaps they can add auto trim back into Nova.
  7. To trim - you would press the trim button on the face of nova - now all of your knobs are input trim controllers. Each bank is color coded - so when you change banks the bank key will change color and the top LED over each knob will change its color to match.
  8. I love auto trim as well. But auto trim - as you currently know it - is not in Nova. That's because auto trim is no longer necessary. Since nova's 5 knobs are encoders that allows for each knob to be either a faders x 5, an input trim knob for each assigned input or a zaxnet remote gain control knob for each input. The flexability the encoders give nova is huge. So don't think of it like you're loosing auto trim - think of it like you're gaining auto trim on steroids.
  9. Happy birthday Mr. Wexler.
  10. There are 4 AES pairs (8 total AES inputs) The receivers use 2 pairs (4 channels of audio) and there are 2 pair that come in via the DB connector. If you chose not to use the internal receivers you can get an adaptor to use the receiver inputs as another 2 AES pairs. There are 6 total analog inputs with 4 of them having neverclip A to D converts.
  11. Yes there will be two SMA post MIcplexor RF outs. Yes the buttons are user assignable - and they can have different functions in some menus. There are no mode limitations. Nova has several additional and faster processors, Correct - there is still work left to do on the software and the UI.
  12. It is Its no longer necessary
  13. Each knob is assignable to be a fader, input trim or zaxnet trim. Since each knob is an encoder each knob can serve multi functions
  14. All will be revealed Monday morning 10am PST
  15. Jack Norflus

    Lectro PDR

    When I'm using my zaxcom wireless as a transmitter I bill as normal. But when the transmitter becomes primary audio I always bill more money. On average about $40 more per unit per day.
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