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  1. Jack Norflus

    Lectro PDR

    When I'm using my zaxcom wireless as a transmitter I bill as normal. But when the transmitter becomes primary audio I always bill more money. On average about $40 more per unit per day.
  2. NOMAD - HowToChangeInternalBattery (rev063014c).pdf
  3. Im starting a new doc and the client is adding a small DSLR type camera (at this point I beleive it will be a Sony A7R) for a break away unit. That camera will not always have a sound person going around with it. So they want a smallish microphone that can be mounted on the camera to capture ambience sound. Any recomenadations.
  4. I use analog lectro and digital Zaxcom together all the time with no issues.
  5. Jack Norflus

    Camera Hops

    Yes. Yes. And yes!
  6. Jack Norflus

    Camera Hops

    A majority of my work these days is on documentary and news magazines shows like 60 minutes. Primary audio is almost always taken from the camera (usually Sony F5, F55, Cannon C300, VariCam). For sit down interviews I'm always hardwired to the cameras (usually 3 to 4 cameras per interview). When we aren't tied down I'm using a Zaxcom hop. Which consists of the wideband camera link transmitter and several RX200 receivers - 1 per camera. The rx200 will output 2 channels of audio and time code on a single carrier. The rx200 is small lightweight and will run all day on a set of lithium AA batteries. I also always record a backup of the camera feed in the camera link. The backup recording is primarily used for transcription - I will use zaxconvert to convert the files to mp3 - but they can also be converted to BWAV files if needed.
  7. I know a DP who lost part of a finger collapsing one.
  8. I have one It's a great cart that has held up for a about 20 years. As already stated it can be rolled in the 1/2 position.
  9. Jack Norflus

    Qifb Issue

    Sounds like the unit isn't communicating with the IFB board. You can try to open the unit and see if the board is seated.
  10. You can find it here: www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/AllWirelessSoftware.zip
  11. "Can you record Hi-Def audio and make it compatable with older TV's?"
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