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  1. Zaxcom will mirror as a WAV file - In all the years of using Zaxcom recorder (Nomad, Maxx and Nova) I had never had any issues with the mirror files.
  2. You would just need to have the proper adaptor cable that will supply power to two microphones and it will work.
  3. First day in the field with this guy - loving it so far.
  4. Did the recording start before the transmitter locked time code?
  5. A few years ago a company here gave out leatherman with their logo on it. I still have it in my kit.
  6. It continuously mirrors in real time.
  7. How long is your cable run - and what antennas are you using? For bag work where I am using dipoles and the cable length is fairly short I personally like something like an RG-174 (or something similar) and terminate on one side to a BNC and the other to an SMA. For longer runs you may want a beefier coax which would be hard to terminate to a SMA so in which case you would need to terminate to BNC and adapt it to SMA. As a general rule the shorter the cable run and the less adapters = less loss. Also make sure you use 50 ohm coax and connectors.
  8. You can use any antenna. How many receivers are you using - because nova already has a built in micplexer.
  9. Oasis support is not currently in Nova - but it isnt that far away. The next major feature that will be added will be MP3 support. Then the oasis support should come not to long after that.
  10. I use the JB1 for all the reasons mention above. For me not having a display is a deal breaker.
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