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  1. It's the F4 so technically it has six inputs, but I don't see myself ever using the weird proprietary Zoom mics on 5/6. ;)
  2. Here's what I'll do. In an effort to possibly mend this situation and because I do care about being a part of this community; I'll set my new official rate at $600 and i'll report back in six to eight months. Satisfactory? AND here is the link to the updated rate sheet. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnwhCYaWihjpobNLJ3gQHFl5oXRTEw
  3. Listen, I agree with everything that has been said. However let me be clear: If I was approached about a half way decent job I wouldn't be charging that amount. I would charge proportionally to the project. My rate sheet is not published publicly for that very reason. In fact, I'm actively trying to get clients to pay more but as I said before, the budgets aren't there. Even the big bio and telecom companies have turned me down with my higher rate. As far as I know the only industry job was for two days back in 2015 and they were only here because our stadium was available. Even on that job they literally brought everything and everyone with them because there is nothing here. The bottom line for me: I do want to do this full time, but I also can't be an irresponsible adult and leave my job knowing I won't get any work with a livable wage. If that isn't a sufficient clarification/response, or if you want to blame me for damaging the industry then so be it. -Dan
  4. Ready for this... It's almost embarrassing... My "new" day rate is $200 plus either $150 for the A bag (SD664, Lectro wireless) or $50 for the B bag (Zoom F4, 2x Sony Wireless). Yeah, definitely really low. Keeping in mind that here in San Diego there isn't much of a film community. It's slowly growing, and I've become one of a couple go-to mixers but like I said, at least half are too low budget. So safe to say I'm not leaving my day job anytime too soon.
  5. I'm finding that I'm in the same situation. I'm currently working on a new rate sheet and want to start charging for equipment (SD664, six channels of Lectro etc) I'm hesitant though, because even my date rate alone is too much for at least half of the jobs I'm offered. So I think you have to be smart about pricing for your market.
  6. I just received a couple of used COS-11s in the mail and the mesh screens look a little gunked up. I haven't even gotten home to test them yet, but considering that they are working and I am happy with the sound quality and do keep them; does anyone have a preferred method of cleaning some of the gunk out? I do have a can of spray electronics cleaner that would probably take care of it, but maybe someone else has a better method? Thanks!
  7. I just ordered a used 664 SR dashboard from TrewAudio and am reasonably sure that it's not going to come with mounting screws for the Lectros. Anyone know what size screws these use to mount the SR?
  8. I would suggest trying to find a manufactur refurbished Dell XPS 13 (2015 and newer). Fantastic quality laptop that is small, powerful and has great build quality.
  9. In just a general sense? Or specifically about powering it?
  10. I pulled the TA5F apart and it doesn't look like anything is shorted.
  11. Thanks! I'll do a little research on Compandor noise and see if that is what is going on.
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