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  1. I recently came across this: https://github.com/martim01/pam Seems to fit the bill, as it claims to do LTC reading and generation, via audio input hat or AES67 on . Also has some other interesting metering stuff. I haven't made one myself, but I am tempted to give it a try - just not quite enough use for it at the moment to devote the time. James
  2. Thats great to know, as you can tell, I am excited by the potential of this product!
  3. It seems that the BP-TRX has disappeared from the deity website. I really hope this product hasn't been cancelled - seemed like a useful tool.
  4. I have had a lot of success with the conversion software Vordio. http://vordio.net/ Converts from Final Cut Pro XML to RPP, and can accept XMLs from FCPX, Da Vinci, Lightworks and Premiere. Reasonably priced, and can be downloaded for free by the editor who can run the conversion without a license. They then send you the output (including converted files) and you can run it back through your licensed version to finish the job. I used to use AATranslator, and still do sometimes, but Vordio usually covers most of my needs now. James
  5. Yes, MiniDSP now do the U-DIO8 with 8 channels of AES to usb. I have not used this specific device, but have their spdif/adat to usb interface and it is great. Here’s a link: https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/u-dio8 James
  6. James Bull

    Camera Hops

    I recently tried a uwp-d11 on the sony pxw-z90, with the smad-p3 hot shoe adapter. Unfortunately with this combination I could not find a way to defeat the camera’s AGC, and the result was also much noisier than using the xlr inputs on the handle. There is some evidence online of others having this same problem, so try before you buy! It it may also be different with other cameras, so YMMV. J
  7. I like the free Shure Motiv app, good metering and samplerate/bitrate options, not sure if it will work with your mic, but I think it would. J
  8. I worked with this camera a couple of years ago in the uk. We initially thought about using the timecode feature, but the telecine place (Kodak UK) didn’t have the equipment to read the recorded timecode. We went with a timecode slate instead. So so I would check with the telecine place to see if they support it first. J
  9. What gets me is the number of people laughing in the blooper - how many people were there on that crew compared to a similar shoot today! James
  10. miniDSP have just announced an 8 channel (4xAES3) usb interface. Recalled this thread and thought you might be interested in this Richard: https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/u-dio8 I have their usbstreamer spdif/adat interface in my editing room, and it performs really well. J
  11. Is it lavs not an option or is it radios? I have used hard wired lavs in this situation before because the production didn't want to pay for hiring 8 radios. As long as they are seated throughout, it works quite well.
  12. I enquiried about this recently with Kodak UK telecine department. The colourist said they didn't have the required box on their telecine machine to read the code off, so they couldn't do it. Also mentioned that it was problematic as the code burn in tended to bleed into the picture as daniel said. We went with a smart slate instead.
  13. Are these maximum security facilities going to be happy with allowing unsecured wireless transmitters inside?
  14. There is a way to create clickable links to posts. Right click on the post number. There will be an option to "copy link address" or similar. Write the text that you want the link to have in a post. Select the text and click the link icon in the toolbar. Voila, a clickable link to a post, eg: There's only One, Nagra I The Vienna collection
  15. It seems this includes the required preamps, and outputs b-format. Also has a removable rechargeable battery but takes AAs in the same slot. Very excited to hear it in action.
  16. Yes, they are very good cables. I would not recommend the fsm as mic cable. Fsm is less flexible and more designed for install. I have not used the msj, but the hsj that it's based on is very flexible and really nice to work with. j
  17. I think it takes 4 9v PP3 batteries, and you may have to take the top case off with a screwdriver to fit them.
  18. Thanks Constantin that makes sense. The manual does say "recording modes/bitrate" but theres a typo that shows the units as kHz. Looks like a very useful little box.
  19. Does anyone know what the split gain mode (384khz) listed in the manual is? I can guess it may be a method of recording two different levels at once to avoid overages, but I don't understand why this would result in a different sample rate...
  20. Theres a great book about this, freely available from Neumann: http://www.neumann.com/downloadmanager/d.php?sid=lj4q1ljbge3a92anuc35pl5c24&download=docu0002.PDF
  21. I'm sorry, but how can you know what you are listening to if you are not listening critically?
  22. It seems like the biggest thing that a professional would bring to this situation is critical listening skills. In order to improve the sound, you need to know what is wrong with it in the first place. What to do about it then becomes much easier, and any professional would be able to advise on this too. Would it be possible to organise a consultation from a professional, show them some parts of the film you are unhappy with, and ask for their advice? This would cost less than the price of a good microphone, and would be far more useful. Just to play devils advocate for a moment...are there other ways you can make room in your budget for sound? You say that there is no budget, but you are shooting on 16mm and considering the cost of film and processing, there are much cheaper techniques (digital) for the budget conscious filmmaker.
  23. Has anyone actually asked Nagra if they would repair a battery pack? I would be very surprised if they do not offer this service. I would be very surprised if Nagra offered the replacement LiPo units for user servicing - if your iPhone battery dies, you have to return it to Apple for repair. You can repair it yourself, but Apple don't provide details of where to buy parts or how to complete the repair.
  24. Which DAW are you using kingkita? I guess you are having to render the 6 channel interleaved files to mono, and this takes a while? Some software lets you separate the channels in the DAW without deinterleaving. I use Reaper with files from a 664, and this works like a dream, you can choose exactly which channels you want in each track, and you can make actions to split multichannel files over tracks.
  25. I contacted Canford on the phone, and they sold me some of their cloth covered wire unterminated. They call it "Tinsel cable". Its not in the catalogue, but they gave me a stock code of 09-432, but note that this is red, not black (didn't realise this until after it arrived). Unfortunately, Canford now have a minimum order of £35 before VAT, but luckily I needed some extra bits and pieces. Now I just have to build up the cable, my fist attempt at soldering it showed it not too difficult, compared to some other tinsel cables.
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