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    Documentaries, Scuba, Oceans, Sailing, Costa Rica, Bali, Hawaii, Tahiti, Sharking, One Planet, Virgin Unite, Ocean Elders
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    SeaWatch SharkBoat is on a mission with the Shark Research Institute to Costa Rica to help save the Isla de Cocos, stop poachers and save sharks.
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  1. dacooksey

    SeaWatch SharkBoat

    SkarkBoat is a Research and Diving Vessel on a mission to Costa Rica to help save Sharks with in the Isla de Cocos.
  2. Captain Chris Wade and the SeaWatch SharkBoat is about to leave US waters on a mission to save sharks in Costa Rica's beautiful Isla de Cocos with a crew of 10 and boat full of GoPros, Canon 5D's, DSLR's and Final Cut, ProLine, etc... Every moment of every day will be documented. On the Boat (handheld and fixed), In the water (drones and diving), in the air (drones). This is a self funded production in conjunction with The Shark Research Institute and SharkBoat.org. Does anyone have any suggestions as to individuals seeking a write-off to a 501c3 for 2014 in exchange for some used/unneeded gear (Booms, Wireless, Mixer, etc...) that could be donated for this amazing project. Or a sound person/ DIT looking to come to Costa Rica for 6 months on an unforgettable journey that is assured to capture content that no one has ever seen before. "The Pirates of the Pacific" are about to enter "Blood Waters" and could use your advice!
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