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  1. Step after step We found most of the people we talked to that would fall into the target group of smaller teams, individual shooters, also mostly industrial/image/investigatory/documentary related projects actually do work on premiere and then FCP X. Especially Avid is comon in larger, dare I say professional productions with a larger team and such a dedicated script supervisor to take notes. Oh, and I forgot to mention our API is open and free and the logs can easily be extracted from every Nano (including all units shipped since 3 years)... as such we actually are in communication wi
  2. Final Cut is definitely on our radar. We have even put that as our first stretch goal as being the second preference platform in use for the targeted user base. As soon this feature has gained enough traction we will have look at it.
  3. Hi everybody, Ambient has recently kicked off a campaign to extend the application of our trusted NanoLockit beyond the use as a timecode synchronizer. This exciting feature will allow you to read out a log file of button presses and use them as markers, cue points, you name it using an additional panel for Adobe Premiere (the platform in use for most of the productions it is targeted at). We had this spinning in our heads for quite a while and actually the reason the Nano shipped with 3 buttons and a lanyard since day one. Now that we finally found opportunity to evaluate it's
  4. Understood, will bring that suggestion in on the next meeting.
  5. Most of them are stocking already, QP5130 and 5150 incoming, so ready to accept orders. Depends on the construction of the cup, but yes, possibly. Agreed, I noted that as well and already talkedto our content team. what do you mean by stats? Also, while we only will carry little stock on certain QXS models and both QP, this might end up confusing if including anything aside current production lines QP S5 and QS.
  6. thanks for putting to our attention, will put our web design team on it.
  7. 34mm, all tube diameters are pretty much like on the QXS. However, this is an all new tube construction making this range much more rigid, on a level of the QP. yes, absolutely. It comes in the exact same lenghts than the QXS ppluss adding the QP5150. Yes, QS is still our premium/feature film boom, for those preferring less shells, lower diameter (30mm) and do not care about the length when collapsed. You're referring to the QAPL? Yes. Also, the new end pieces will fit the older boompoles (you'd need either to put on amini XLR, or solder the XLR direct, though)
  8. Hello everyone, some already might know from Sound Summit 2020 and have waited ever since for us to release our brand new boom pole range, the Quickpole Series 5. So, today is the day and I need to express how proud we are what our "team boom" achieved once more by going above and beyond leaving the treaded path. Building our booms to last, we understand most of you already owning an Ambient Quickpole presumably will not be in straight need for a new boom. Still, you might want to check it out: https://quickpole.ambient.de/
  9. Why would be that? If you dive inbto a TC based workflow with dual system sound, video and audio clips will be aligne dby jammed tc - the source doesn't play a role here. However, and that's the thing as per IronFilm: while SoundDevices has proven it can build good timecode generators and their units are tight on reference, sytem cameras are completely differen, so unless you run the MixPre "slaved" to the HDMI out of your camera with permanently attached cable, you won't get around an external TC sync box for it. Only this way you can asure all takes at least* starting at the same time over t
  10. Might be just a tad early to ask with the year just freshly started, if I'm allowed to say
  11. @johngoochWould 100g (including battery) @ half the size of Kortwichs sound tempting?
  12. Did you? can't find one, which address didd you use (using the web form it should be addressed corretly to support@ambient.de) Anyway, there have been made some changes along the way to best comply with the changes Lectro did when introducing their servo BIAS inputs. So, Clearly 1 & 2 are newr "servo" models, while 3 & 4 are the older hardware. Updtaing them is not really feasible as disassemble basically destroys most of the case and the pcb needs swapping - that's the prob with building products to last.
  13. Thanks! Now, since the OP has happily settled on the JB-1 I feel I may throw this in as no-plug info: ACL204 has been discontinued and replaced with the ACN-CL Lockit which brings everything known such as in a form factor comparable to the JB-1.
  14. Which basically rules out the vast majority of camera manufacturers - unless they start to consider implementing our module Nettime, not GPS but, like this?
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