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  1. Might be just a tad early to ask with the year just freshly started, if I'm allowed to say
  2. @johngoochWould 100g (including battery) @ half the size of Kortwichs sound tempting?
  3. Did you? can't find one, which address didd you use (using the web form it should be addressed corretly to support@ambient.de) Anyway, there have been made some changes along the way to best comply with the changes Lectro did when introducing their servo BIAS inputs. So, Clearly 1 & 2 are newr "servo" models, while 3 & 4 are the older hardware. Updtaing them is not really feasible as disassemble basically destroys most of the case and the pcb needs swapping - that's the prob with building products to last.
  4. Thanks! Now, since the OP has happily settled on the JB-1 I feel I may throw this in as no-plug info: ACL204 has been discontinued and replaced with the ACN-CL Lockit which brings everything known such as in a form factor comparable to the JB-1.
  5. Which basically rules out the vast majority of camera manufacturers - unless they start to consider implementing our module Nettime, not GPS but, like this?
  6. Well, the momant you sync, a 23/29 TC will slowly drift behind the continuously running real world time with a speed of - .1% roughly, which means after 1000 frames (or 42 seconds) you are already lagging 1 frame. So, say such super easy camera set to 23 (which, btw, is every Sony set to "24") comes on at 9:00 AM to for the day, and a second device fires up 10 minutes later, both units will already be 14 frames out of sync. This gets worse with every battery swap, scene rebuilt or similar. Well, one could possibly compensate for the timebase diversion of 1000ms to 1001.001001.... via PLL (what we did) and additionally try to approximate "NTSC real time" by recalculating the current lazy saturn time from 00:00 real world on reception, but if one unit has reception the other one doesn't and you just rely on this things will get hairy very rapidly. All I'm trying to say is the benefit of "not having to think about it" would not last longer than the first day you work which such a setup (if ever) until you get a phone call from post. But there's always proof to the pudding and as per @Bouke other time beases that are supossedly as accurate (NTP/network time etc.) If soemone has the ability to compare 2 timecode sources (e.g. with one of our Lockits with display on6.xx) just download a free app suhc as LTC Timecode generator for Android, launch it on 2 phones and compare the "real time" timecode on the headphone output - you will notice a considerable difference even on straight framerates. So,let me asure, we are not only in the position but we pursue this very actively. Actually we do have a software based solutionalready in the drawer but we definitely won't release anything that raises false expectations and does not live up to the quality standards that we are appreciated for just to compromise the bad reputation tc has already
  7. I had a lengthy conversation with Ari Krupnik, the guy behid "Dish" on our booth at NAB about GPS as your sole source of time and clock reference. And while he is clearly aware of the challenges and drawbacks, his system is clearly not meant for us, the pro-media people but rather the system camera filmer. Just to remind, we already offered a GPS solution since the mid 90s (funnily never sold too many of them) until we had to discontinue the ACC controller. So the idea is far from new to us. But, while GPS is a good reference to calibrate a system the idea of having this as your only set reference to rely on is not only ruled out as a majority of locations will leave you without reception, but also half of the world (read every region that shoots on 23.98/29.97) is left in the cold as GPS counts in real time (more or less, as per @Bouke) while NTSC lags behind, so there is no such ting as realtime over GPS in these regions and powering on equipment atr a different time of day will inevitably lead to a TC offset. As a result, "Dish" (at least at the time speaking) is concetped to output fixed time of day @ 24FPS, btw.
  8. That mirrors our experience witht eh Cantar - basically you're completely fine with jamming one Nano/Lockit once a day, press the green button to jam the others, and do not worry the rest of the day. If you want it all comfortable and absolute confidence, just leave the new Lockit permantently connected to your Cantar, once jamed via cable and set to master it will not only automatically c-jam all other ACN devices but constantly report the abberation (if any) to the source it was jammed from. This should be the closest to your initial request.
  9. Not exactly. The system is designed as reference as accurate as possible and as such it does notfollow the "clock" of an external source even more so of unknown accuracy 8actually we only can pull so far from absolute reference. TRX mode is rather a single jam after which the system runs on it's own reference whcih may lead to abberation to the ajmming source depending on its absolute accuracy - witht hat being said, in the intended applications (playback/ remote roll on short takes) this is not an issue. What would be your application?
  10. Klaus

    Tentacle Syncs

    Well, not retuning exactly, it's more an instant re-clock
  11. Klaus

    Tentacle Syncs

    All true, but it also depneds wchich "ARRI" you are exactly referring to. Alexa "Classic" (which basically boils down to everything but Amira and AlexaMini - MiniLF to be seen, as this is a weird hybrid of Mini and LF (A.K.A "purchasable-65", so "Classic"): TC menu "Jam Sync" will, as Bouke said, "learn" TC and adjust internal reference - this requires a low jitter TTL TC signal and the better the signal the quicker the "learn" or "tune" (TC will blink while adjusting). As this will also drive the internal reference it is as good as having genlock as long the camera stays on. TC Menu set to "Regen" however, will regenerate the internal reference clock constantly clocked by incomming TC - so this literally is a "genlock by TC" Which means the signal must be constantly present like genlock, too. Again this may work unreliable with imperfect TC signals and put out errors. Alexa "CAP2" cameras (Amira, Mini and possibly MiniLF): TC Menu as above. Usually "Regen" does the job, due to the quality of circuitry. But as the Amira was initially designed towards the ENG market it also was planned to accept separate external sync and they merged it by giving the additional option in sytem/sensor menu to reference clock the sensor as per Wandering Ear to TC in and even Genlock (still, (by default, the sync In BNC is not connected to any electronics, btw.). Selecting TC In on top hardlocks the whole system witht he same effect as on the "Classic" range. Oh, and whoever really does need video sync: another contender of genlock spitting boxes was just announced at NAB
  12. No, but we do support C-Link Still, there is no app to control sound devices recorder but a interface running on the webserver of MasterLockit - the Lockit does not have this webserver nor WiFi or Bluetooth, so it's not feasible. And whatever we do in the future will consider Scorpio support as well which is beyond the capabilities of that tiny box.
  13. After more than a good 2 decades we finally decided it was time to give our trusted warhorse a small facelift and washed it a bit too hot.... find out more at https://mailchi.mp/ambient/long-live-the-lockit?e=[UNIQID] And, of course see it live in action in Las Vegas!
  14. Hi, can't see the video but I would gather we should have a look at it here, be aware though that stock on quite some parts for the ACD301 has been depleted due to obsolescence and we cannot fix everything anymore. In that case we offer special upgrade conditions as per repair.
  15. Ups, that's an interesting one. The fun fact is, that we saw quite some support inquiries that did so (apparently with display equipped larger Lockits) and complained about a "TC offset" between the displays. Refusing the expalnation of the obvious, that a camera primarily is a video capturing device with less priority on displaying frame accurate TC and the latency of ANY kind of display in general I had to console one team actually by proofing with a controller the TC was identical - we haven'T seen such complaints ever with the Nano. Still, we wre discussing the very isue in terms of future products. Currently we would be leaning towards an app, though. What's your take on this?
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