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  1. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Ups, that's an interesting one. The fun fact is, that we saw quite some support inquiries that did so (apparently with display equipped larger Lockits) and complained about a "TC offset" between the displays. Refusing the expalnation of the obvious, that a camera primarily is a video capturing device with less priority on displaying frame accurate TC and the latency of ANY kind of display in general I had to console one team actually by proofing with a controller the TC was identical - we haven'T seen such complaints ever with the Nano. Still, we wre discussing the very isue in terms of future products. Currently we would be leaning towards an app, though. What's your take on this?
  2. Klaus

    Deva 16 / Fusion 12 TC Problems ...

    It might be a different cable that (temporarily) scared the gremlin away. I was chasing his brother once and the actual problem is in fact within the recordewr, a blown choke on the TC ground path, to be exact. If a cable is wired without the shield connected on both sides (which is the technically correct way, as it eliminates ground loop, btw.) there is no ground connection and no siognal - whiich wpould explain the working slate. If a cable has connector to shield on both ends, the chassis will take care of signal ground and tc in will work. This may also be the case if signal ground is established in any other way e.g. a common power supply for recorder and TC box, which seems plausible in case of a Pulse (hey, am I actually doing TCS support here? )
  3. Klaus

    Timecode in with Arri umc-4 and Red Epic

    Rec roll is on a different pin of the SYNC port, so you can use both with the adequate cable. RED carries an accessory that splits up the 3 signals, TC, genlock, and roll, to 3 BNCs (http://www.red.com/store/products/3bnc-to-00-lemo-sync-cable) a well equipped rental that carries RED cameras should be able to supply. We also started to supply a special cable that uses SYNC and CTRL on RED DSMCs for TC and metadata and links remote roll trhough one BNC. Oh, and the upcoming PowerLockit will loop that signal as well. Still I wonder why ARRI takes TC input without making use out of it neither looping it through... cameras, a different world...
  4. Klaus

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    As you know, not with 23.98, 29.97, and 59.94 ... so, you never ever want to switch between even and odd framerates (leave alone drop and non drop) without a rejam - otherwise you'll be losing (or, actually, completely running out of) sync. This may sound a stupid thing noone would ever happen to do, but regarding that some particular camera brand will actually do 23 when set to "24".... Within "region" again you can even mix and match (cross sync) units synced to different framerates. Formerly that was done when editing on early mediacomposer systems that were only capable of 25FPS. So, (film) cameras were shooting @24 while sound was on 25 (here in Europe, that is and I can only guess it was 23 and 29 in US) Anyway, as Bouke already layed out, steam age technology... It seems to be comon sense lately that the framerate adjusts automatically on jamming from external witht hese boxes (AFAIK Tentacle has implemetned this with the SyncE and I recently read TCS with the USO as well but couldn't find the time to confirm this on ours). So one headache less. Oh, and let me help you out on this one: it's all our units - and they accept wireless sync (well they would even stay on with the Nano being charged after 10 minutes to run the rest of the day). (I'm not the shameless plugger, I'm the shameless pluggers son...)
  5. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Currently not through the LockitToolbox. However, if you jam with Time of day and set the userbits to MM.DD.YY.AD it wil acept the American Date scheme and set the RTC accordingly. Oh, and in Rome they use the EU scheme,IIRC
  6. Klaus

    Ambient PowerSlot

    Backup cell is a LiPo, rated at 7.4V/800mAh
  7. Klaus

    Cabled boom poles: Cable exit versus fixed connector

    Side angled connector would stick out more prominent and might be mor susceptible to mechanical damage. Here the cable sneaks along the side. Not only can you adjust the position and/or orientation of the connector itself, you can also loosen the sleeve and "disknot" or unwind twists in the coiled cable what frequently happens on coiled cables and sometimes make it hard to collapse properly.
  8. Klaus

    Cabled boom poles: Cable exit versus fixed connector

    The idea, simply is to put the boom down to the floor on the bumper, not connector. Secondly, it also works for the straight cable option. Lastly, we also do offer a connector butt-end version. So, in the end it is all about options.
  9. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Oh, that must be a new breed then
  10. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Thanks everybody for the input. Range: well you won't find a specification even with radio mike systems as it is depending on so many parameters. 23m of what nagnila experienced is very low and usually we see doubler the range in typical environments (we had 50m at NAB showfloor and that is something) - Still, it's 2.4GHz and can be compromised by anything else in that band. The guide: Intentionally kept as instructive and compact as possible to keep the mandatory settings ready at hand but I admit it could carry more information - but then, who reads manuals? What is (also) not included is, that the Nanos automatically kick in a low noise ampplifier for better reception range when powered over USB. We will have a power adaptor from typical set level voltages to micro USB soon. The orange indicator to visualize a padded output was in fact introduced only after manufacturing and shipping the first batches and QSGs were printed - we have meanwhile included a separate sheet with revised LED blink patterns and eventually revised the whole QSG, ready for download at nanolockit.com. TC in on ring: stay tuned a little while and it will make much more sense. Bidirectional cables: we were indeed not aware that this would be an issue and will introduce the jam lock as on our bigger Lockits in an upcoming firmware. Auto power: same thing. While we still think it is a good feature and appreciated by a few productions equipped we understand it is not for everyone - but what's the LockitToolbox good for if not to introduce options and tickboxes? Again, we absolutely appreciate your feedback, feel free to post it here or on the Lockit Timecode User's group on facebook. @nagnila: It puzzles me one of your unit lost its RTC, there is a remeining capacity of a whooping 4% to keep that running. Please let it run completely empty and if the problem reoccurs apply for a service ticket, please.
  11. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    @Jordan SyI know. Unfortunately, that's a hardware limitation due to the low power design. We are currently investigating all directions into improving this.
  12. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Point taken. We're still wrapping our heads around the best and most intuitive solution. So, probably it's just going to be an "Auto Power" tickbox where "On" does what it does now and "Off" requires manually starting under any condition.
  13. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    It indeed is, however, and since this is a NanoLockit labelled thread, I think it is just fair to add a "displayless, one button Time of Day TC Jam sync", "automatic framerate adjustment on jam", and "jam and go by cable without menu acrobatics" with a "Yes" on Nano, oh, and a full metal aluminium enclosure that lasts a life time..... Well noted, without intention to make the Ultrasync One small - which it physically btw. is We decided against some features and pro others with simplicity of use in mind.
  14. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    And here is what they do: (or me, to be exact as it is a blunt copy and paste to my email answer @thope) "the Nanos will come on automatically when connected and stay so in any condition. Very much like a mobile that’s on wouldn’t turn off after charging this is not going to change as they would otherwise shut down when powered externally while connected to camera. However, we are evaluating an option so they can be configured to power down after external power has been disconnected." Many productions use them with external power and a C-Jam Master - they just stay on camera and do not need to be taken care of in any way, not even power on/down. They come up with the camera and are ready to be synced, as soon you do, AC can do what they want - TC will always be there on spot. Have to power them down after charge is a trade off but cannot be avoided without risking they got shut off while on camera with external power and resulting TC inconsistencies. I know, you guys here are savvy enough to deal with LockitToolbox and take care of TC well enough - Still, the Nano was designed above all to also help and guide the even most inexperienced and intimidated by the daunting timecode task. Doing support and troubleshhoting on timecode and sync here at Ambient since 1994 I know that most problems originate from untis not being kept on camera or not being powered on accidentially. The ACN with C-Jam, auto framerate and autopower helps to eliminate these problems in the majority of applications.
  15. Klaus

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    @VAS: you beat me ;)Thanks for sharing!