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  1. For those of us who are on the move a lot when recording, would you consider using a bag like this to access batteries, ex's, cables, tape etc? It would have to be worn over your harness. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wolffepack/wolffepack-summit-the-ultimate-snowsports-and-acce
  2. What bracket are you using to attach the iPad to magic arm?
  3. If AC's influenced my equipment purchase decisions i'd be recording to a Red.
  4. What goes on the Dinkum arm, and how is the gooseneck mic connected?
  5. Who wants to take a guess at what mic. would have been used here. Photo is from a 1979 copy of Playboy that was in the pile of mags at my barbershop.
  6. Nick, what brand is that light attached by the clamp?
  7. Sean, please post shots of your Rastorder cart with the sliding shelf in use and how its attached. Thanks
  8. glennf

    RIP Tommy Ramone

    Listening to them right now. So good!
  9. From the mic's sat outdoors uncovered just to look cool, to the bad placement of Lav's on shirt collars (look at Ricks mic hidden at the back of his beard, about 3:40 in) this shoot could have been so much better presented.
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