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  1. LloydPDX

    Used Lectrosonics buying strategy

    The digital hybrid info and the compatibility mode reminder is very helpful. I'll search for more info with these terms. And for context, basic corporate and doc style is dominant usage, one or two tracks into a bagged (or, in a pinch, camera-mounted) SD MP6. Many thanks.
  2. LloydPDX

    Used Lectrosonics buying strategy

    I've decided to "buy once, cry once" and invest in a used tx/rx Lectrosonics set rather than go the G3 route as my first wireless mic. I'm bewildered by the options available, but will do further research to learn about the particulars of the various models. I come here to ask the following for the sake of my budget: What's the wisdom, if any, in pairing a higher-end TX with a somewhat lower end RX or vice versa? From what I know so far it seems that 201 series and higher/newer is where I want to focus, but beyond that just not sure especially if I consider a "mixed" set. Thanks for your thoughts on this.