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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    Improving my sound skills.
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    I'm a director of photographery with 30 years experence shooting documentaries, corporate and tv series in over 40 countries.

    Sound equipment:
    Sanken CS-3e
    Sennheiser 416
    Sennheiser MKH50
    AKG C568
    Oktava MK-012 x 2
    Sanken COS-11R Lavaliere x 3
    Tram Lavaliere Microphones x 5
    Rode Pin Lavaliere
    AKG CK77
    Sony 77 Lavaliere
    Sony 55 Lavaliere
    Sony 44 Lavaliere
    Crown GLM 200 Miniature Microphone
    Crown GLM 100 Miniature Microphone

    Sound Devices 302 Audio Mixer
    Tascam Digital Audio Recorder
    Playback Speakers
    Sennheiser Wireless
    Lectrosonics Wireless SR Dual-Cannel Receiver
    Lectrosonics Wireless x 2
    Beyer DT-100 Headphones x 2
    van den Bergh Boom Pole x 2
    Microphone Stand & Boom x 2
    XLR Sound Cables x 25
    Double-Ender Audio Box
    Sound Blankets x 10
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  1. We've added an optional drawer with a combination lock which attaches to the bottom of the shelf. I'll post photos, when I'm in New York.
  2. I'm visiting New York City from September 16 - 21, to demonstrate my cart to rental houses. If you wish a personal demo while I'm there, please write or give me a call. Cheers, Bill ———————————————————- Bill Kerrigan Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514 486 8456 - Office 514 238 9775 - Mobile billkerrigan - Skype bill@kerrigan.ca http://www.kerrigan.ca
  3. Matthews DIT Cart is designed to be customized. http://products.msegrip.com/products/kerri-kart
  4. Philip, my first version was longer, but I reduced the size to 2' x 4' so it could fit in most elevators. The official website is Matthews Studio Equipment, but I've started a Face Book Page. https://www.facebook.com/KerriKart/ I have ver. 5 in Montreal and ver. 6 is in LA... but they tell me the new cart is about 60lb. It would be very easy for Matthews or yourself to add a lip around the bottom shelf. Here's a photo of a cart which has been customized. The cost will be announced at NAB. Best, Bill
  5. Looking forward! Cheers, Bill
  6. Although I designed the Kerri Kart for the camera department... I think many sound recordists will love this cart. Yes... it uses standard grip gear, perfect for customizing for each production. Please drop by the Matthews Booth C5437 at NAB 2016, and say hello. Bill Kerrigan
  7. Here is more info and photos! Although designed as a camera slider and camera cart... Because of it's 2 shelves and flexibility, a few of my sound buddies are going to use it as a sound cart. http://soundandpicture.com/2015/03/mse-introduces-kerrikart-nab-2015/#prettyPhoto
  8. Sorry, I can't post photo's until the Matthews press release.
  9. My multi purpose cart design, will be introduced at NAB at the Matthews Studio Equipment booth C05437. So if you're going to NAB in April, please drop by and I'll give you a demonstration... I could use the support. - It carries all my production equipment - Fits in a 4’ x 2’ space in my vehicle - Breaks down and assembles in less than 5 minutes - Strong, tough and durable - Weather proof - Easy to push and turn - Rolls on any terrain - Works in mud and snow - Pneumatic tires - Has two shelves - Fits in small elevators Bill Kerrigan www.kerrigan.ca
  10. I've experimented by using an overhead plus hanging a Crown GLM 200 on a C stand. When mixed... I thought it sounded wonderful.
  11. Thank you... I'll try this on my next shoot.
  12. Thanks for your post Mike, these are points I hadn't considered. I'm shooting a historial doc next year, some of interviewees may have painful memories. I'll use my Sanken COS-11 on this production.
  13. Thank you... this makes sense. I'll leave the fur in the van.
  14. Thanks Kelsey, I've been use both the synthetic fur and a sound blanket cliped together, in the hope it might make a difference.
  15. I've used my fur for over 7 years and have just givien it a shaken every so often, but it's never washed it. (maybe it's due) My quest is to know if it's better.
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