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  1. Good idea- thanks, Jon. It's been a while since I've seen that film! This is a small float plane, smaller than a de Havilland Beaver (450 hp) so I figure it's gonna sound more like this.
  2. Hey Group, I'm a post-sound mixer working on a doc about a Japanese pilot who was involved in the only mainland US bombing during WWII, near Brookings, Oregon. Fascinating story, really. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=36393.0 I'm trying to get a sense of what it might have sounded like. This was a small seaplane, a Yokosuka E14Y with a 340 hp Hitachi Tempu 12 9 cyl engine. An eyewitness to the attack (he was in a nearby fire outlook) described it as very odd sounding- like someone kicking a can down the street. So, probably much different sounding than a typical seaplane. Maybe he was throttled back. Who knows. Thanks.
  3. Christian, I haven't yet seen this show- I have it in my watchlist. Now I'm curious from your post to check it out!
  4. Hi all, I'm in the process of mixing (post) a film shot in the Adirondacks, and am in need of atmos and very light birds. Spring and fall, dense forest and light woods, lakeside, Mountain air. Anyone have this, or know of a mixer who might? MS stereo would be great. This is a tribute piece about a woman, Grace Hudowalski, who founded a climbing club years ago- The Adirondack 46er's. Non-broadcast piece, however, I'm willing to pay for accurate atmos/BG. I would like to get this right. Thanks, Michael Gandsey (503) 803-5845
  5. Couldn't find this on the post anywhere, so I hope this isn't a repeat... Has anyone experienced this problem? I've had my stereo link for a year or so, and the receiver would occasionally powers itself off, and until last week I couldn't replicated the situation. During a tape change, I watched as the cameraman put the camera down, somewhat forcefully, and noticed the receiver powered down. Bingo! It turns out that, when on battery power, and if the unit gets bumped, it will power down. I could easily replicate this by tapping lightly on the bottom of the unit, and in this instance, the camera's 12V output connector was not working so I had to power with batteries. In talking with Eric at Zaxcom, it seems that this only happens when under AA power. I sent my unit in for a mod, which probably will be a mechanical fix, rather than electronic- something that keeps the batteries more secure. Certainly this could burn you very badly!
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