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  1. This. Pianissimo is more than 2x Supershield
  2. Thx! I thought so. So it will be the full blimp.for indoors i use a bubblebee spacer kit
  3. Hi I know it was in other topics, but i still have a hard choice between cosi vs super shield for my 8060. Piano would be perfect, but i need 2 and it's out of budget right now. Super shield is the chepest Option but i Wonder which of those two would give me better wind protection. Any advice?
  4. Didn't you experience the resonance that people had using smaller mics with nano? I'm searching for a good blimp upgrade for my 8060s. Can't decide between super-shield, nano and cinela..... price is a factor, but if it's worth it i could spend some more
  5. i tested the k-tek junior-x bag but went for the small-x. junior is nice if you've got not to many other stuff like receivers etc. for me it was a little to small to fit everything. still to get to the jogwheell, you have to keep the right part unzipped, but i think it's a little better then orca. if possible i use an external controller, wingman and touch screen to use the jog as little as i can
  6. Hi So the idea is to connect the modded g3 receivers (sma mod) to psc multi rf splitter. When connecting i get a huge ground loop noise. The splitter is connected by dtap to a bp-u battery along with mixpre 10 II and sennheiser ek3241. I don't get any noise in the ek3241. Only g3s. Only solution is to connect the psc splitter to different battery but that means two batteries. I tried grounding the g3 to d-tap and also using a groumd-lifted cable. No difference. Any ideas?
  7. bary555


    looks nice, but these are pretty expensive
  8. bary555


    ok. so i used the search, but didn't find a topic of which headphones do you all sound mixers use. for years i used classic 7506, but lately one side gave up. repaired them, but i'm thinking of getting something new. tried dt-770, sennheiser hd-25, hd-280pro and few more. didn't like them much... i'm leaning towards ATH-M50x. what do you guys use for everyday location recording?
  9. I thought about that. Which filters would you recommend?
  10. 1. Will try that, but the SD is separated from the receivers with cl8 2. Tried with sennhsier antennas. Which narrowband antennas would you recommend? 3. Location doesn't matter. Everywhere it is the same. Int or ext 4. Frequencies are chosen by smartscan on every channel, followed by freqfinder check. Hops are usually away, closer to camera/video village 5. I have to try that 6. The src and transmitters are about 2 years old. Never worked Good... 7. The antennas are usually far away 8. The distro is lectrosonics octopack. Earlier it was psc splitter. Same thing On both
  11. Hi People! For some time now we have a big issue with our src setup. The setup is: SD 788t Lectrosonics octopack 4x src receiver 2x hma transmitter Some smv/smqv recievers Betso shark fin antennas A-band From the beginning of using this setup the range is really low also we get a lot of drop outs. We tried different antenna cables, we use smartscan all the time, tried different rf gain settings,tried to move the sd788t away. The antennas have to be really close to the scene to get something usable. Still it could drop out... I get much better range and stability on my g3s... The setup was at lectrosonics service and they claim that everything is fine... We are out of ideas...
  12. That is some Good info:) I don't need to send the bus track (stereo mic) to the mix. It's Just there for post. I would go for the 888, but the budget is limited and i have to get some New wireless setup too
  13. Hi Is it possible to route and record xlr input to buses as isos, while using the SL2 on 833? i often use 8 channel of wireless + stereo mic setup. I want to record mix also. The idea is to use 2xwisycom mcr54 receiver in SL2 and a stereo mic. Now i've been using mixpre 10 with sd302 connected to channel 9-10, but looking for upgrade
  14. It's not Just me. I have a bag of broken sankens (about 5) from my friend...
  15. Mostly documentary and feature, so size does matter. Sankens aren't tiny but most of the time i manage to hide them well
  16. I'm looking for the strongest lav mic. I was mostly using sanken, but all of them broke... They tend to fail near the head and the grills Come of. I even try to use them as gently as i can, but it's only matter of time. I also used some sennheisers mke. Mke-1 has a very thin and stiff cable and the mke 2 Gold has a lot of cable noise. I heard that dpa micro dot isn't great either...
  17. Hi People! I'm would like to buy some new gear this year. Preferably a new field recorder. Do you think it's a good idea to buy something now or wait for some new releases? any rumours?
  18. bary555

    Sound carts

    http://soundcart.audio/ heard a lot of good words. i don't own one, but want to order some time. also i used bebop cart-bag once. nice.
  19. Yes. It's a pain in the b... The only way i found working is to find a good spot, as you wrote. The worst scenario is a teradek between you and talent. So i try to avoid it. Putting the antennas high could also help but could be tricku in some places. I think it has to do with intermodulation or frequency harmonics. Even different frequency range can cause issues
  20. bary555

    EBL charger

    Just make shure your Phone charger is 2A or more
  21. This looks great. I have to test one. Looks like it could power my mixpre 6 and 833. Where i Eu did you buy it?
  22. Actually there is a gap in lower priced wireless systems. The lowest you can go which is acceptable is sennheiser g3/g4, then nothing, then comes used lectro 411s...you could also try with 200 seris, but it's getting pretty Old now. If you got budget i would go with 411/400 series
  23. do you use any amplifiers with mini-circuits?
  24. I don't think the firmware update would fix that. It's hardware related and yes it's a pain.. Wysłane z mojego SM-G930F przy użyciu Tapatalka
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