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    Austin, Texas
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    Location Sound Recording and Mixing
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    I work Location Sound, primarily for Independent Feature Films and Feature Documentaries. I graduated from Baylor University in 2013 and have thoroughly enjoyed working Sound for film as its a new work experience each and every day.
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  1. Hello all, I recently discovered this forum and am learning new techniques/knowledge each time I log on and read. I wanted to reach out and ask for any advice anyone can lend? I'm based out of Austin, Texas and have primarily worked on shorts, several independent feature films, a couple of feature documentaries and am looking to take that next step up the metaphorical job pole that is the film industry. I'm a hard, disciplined worker who is always willing to learn new and innovative ways to capture the best audio possible. If anyone in the Austin/Central Texas area is in need of a boom operator or a sound assistant, I would greatly appreciate any and all who reach out to contact me. Thanks!
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