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    I am a Toronto based Location Sound Recordist, Mixer, Sound Designer and Music Composer for Film and Advertising...and just about anything else that gets thrown my way!
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  1. Hey Glen - I just spoke with Zaxcom technical support and they’re saying that it is only possible to output Audio or Timecode, not both - have you used it and been able to use both? The manual doesn’t seem to say so and it also seems to not be listed in the Ver1.58 revision notes either.
  2. Same for me with using the Orca Pouch for my URX100, but I will likely get one of the Sound Guys clips as well. I've been using my URX as a Director/Producer feed from my Camera Link. Perfect when the Director is mobile so they can have solid confidence monitoring wherever they happen to be. I use my RX200 as either a Cam Hop or a Video Village headphone feed, of which I'll probably get another for the situations where I need both or a dual cam shoot, but my ERX's have been good at covering most of my Camera Hop needs when I'm relatively near to set. I have Comtek's and ERX's for the remaining people that need them - Comtek's for distance and ERX's for people nearby. Going to be getting another URX as a Boom Op feed so they can select whether they are listening to Boom only on one frequency or my mix from my Camera Link on another and have a Private Line to each other via personal Walkies. It means having a Walkie and the URX on the boom person's belt, but it also means no cabling and a talk back system that is reliable and not too pricey. Sending Boom via a ZMT3-Phantom 2 and will likely get a TRX743 or another ZMT3 depending - I do like this as a solid Boom Op system...still need to decide how I'm going to use my secondary Zaxnet transmitter via my QRX235 though - possibly a mix plus personal talk back feed to AD or something like that. Any thoughts on this system are of course welcome!
  3. Hey everyone! I’ve been a big fan of the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones for my monitoring on Location for quite a while but I’ve just noticed that Sennheiser has semi-recently released their HD 300 series with their “PROtect” active reduction technology when levels go over 110dB. My first thought is that this is probably a gimmick and not the best idea but I wanted to check to see if anyone has tested them out at all. Cheers! https://en-us.sennheiser.com/hd-300-protect
  4. Hey everyone! First time poster here... I thought the TRXFB3 might be useful for a Director or Producer making verbal notes (as long as they remember to press the button!) and getting an IFB feed to them as well...another channel to record but could be useful for Post? The only issue I have is, as with all my Zaxnet 2.4GHz equipment, I am running into interference from wireless Camera & Video when distance between the transmitter and the IFB receiver becomes too far. So for my critical/main client audio feed I have the RX200 go to Video Village - which solves most of my issues.
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