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  1. Hi Malcom, just a quick note to my previous , the primary CF should be 133x speed ( 32, 64 GB) but mirror CF , can be any speed higher than primary, remember the mirroring by Fusion 10 is always done at Fusion speed, you will find that in the manual, but we normally go higher for the transfers/ post . The software of the machine and the DSP were put together few good years back ! I am pretty sure you will gain full functions of your Fusion 10 very quickly once you go through this small set back. Cheers, Val Pricop- Production Mixer, IATSE 873
  2. Hi Malcom, I have been working with Fusion 10 for more than 5 years, main recorder . Please check the Primary should be 32( or16) GB but must be 133x speed !!!as per mirror CF you can try any CF Transcend , Delkin, 8, 16,32,64 at higher speeds, that will not change the speed of mirroring. Fusion 10 will not accept any higher speed for Primary Card due to the speed of DSP board of the Fusion as well as all Deva family products. Further more you cannot swamp primary with mirror. Please try to use a new mirror card , FAT 32 format on the recorder, and see . The only issues I have had so far were with the mirror cards due to our DIT transfer guys. I am pretty sure you will be fine once checking all this facts, as well if you reboot the machine will reboot with firewire on , so restart with the internal disc( CF card primary). Best regards, VP
  3. Thank you, Dave. It was quite an experience , but the mixer- who is the mixer, do you know?! The sound image seems stereo through my MacPro but I think because is so up front overall , I think it was mono recorded. Well done! Cheers, from Toronto
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