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  1. marcvonstuerler

    REVIEW: Schoeps miniCMIT

    for me a very nice sounding piece of gear and make the boom op happy! using for doc itw and dialogue small, light, schoeps sound... M.
  2. marcvonstuerler

    Stellavox AMI-48

    long time ago I had ami48+sp8 combo, so nice, always good services from JP, but as I said long time ago...1995 to 2000 M.
  3. marcvonstuerler

    Stellavox AMI-48

    Have a look here: http://www.audioprojpg.com/index.html Best Regard, Marc
  4. marcvonstuerler

    Situation in Paris

    You hit me so I hit you , until when this senseless barbaric logic? This is the dark side of human strength. We have very big problems to settle... What happens proves it. This is the game of our politicians, ours too! It is global. Between Climate problems and conflicts ... hard to be optimistic . And our children , how to make them believe in a "better" future ? I am sad but solidarity with those who still hope that human beings can do better.
  5. marcvonstuerler

    Gunter Kortwich - rip

    Günter Kortwich was a very very nice person. Generous and helping. Serious and full of humor. He give me essential advice and some "kick" at my unsafe beginning in the filmsound business in Berlin 22 years ago. I am very grateful for that. He was an appreciate set soundmixer from about mid of the 50' to the 90' , than Founder of the Kortwich Film-Ton-Technik in 1990, The Sound Adress in Berlin!. After giving his company into Dirk Oschmann hands, the actually and brilliant Owner, Günter retired in 2001.
  6. marcvonstuerler

    Cinella/Rycote handling noise

    trying Cinela = adopts it
  7. marcvonstuerler

    batts for SMQV, UCR

    100% using rechargeables since years and years, excellent rechargeables are today not a big deal.
  8. marcvonstuerler

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hello All, Just back from two documentary Filmshooting in the Balkans and Myanmar made with the R4+. I just want to say Thank you to Sonosax for this very very nice Machine. Its the beginning, updates are coming, but its already a very promising sound Tool. Precisely the Sound... so beautifull, also the Ergonomy/Fonctions/Weight/Size. Like a Dream to work with.
  9. marcvonstuerler

    SMDB transmitters

    SMDB/E01=SMDA but for EU Market, max. oP fixed at 50mW, no backlight, older models have fixed antenna.
  10. marcvonstuerler

    Boom operators - Cool photos

    David Lipka booming in the swiss alps mission acomplished many thanks David !
  11. marcvonstuerler

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Good news, Sonosax crew is hardly working to give us more outputs on the R4+
  12. marcvonstuerler

    Show me your bag

    I John, for me 50% reading improvement! also possible on the minir82.
  13. marcvonstuerler

    Show me your bag

    Thanks Lisala, around the gain knobs it is simply some fluo gaffer tape, so i see the knobs better and the adherence touch feeling is nice! much better as on the naked sonosax hard plastic knobs. No on off switches. that's why i'm using the RX emergency one and two between the lectros receiver and sx-r4 line in. With the R4+ this addition will be no more necessary...
  14. marcvonstuerler

    Sound Devices Recorders/Mixers: "Stop Hold-Off" Feature?

    Hold fonction for the Touch Screen will be good too...
  15. marcvonstuerler

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    up? or other AA li-ion batt experiences ? for me no more disposable batteries since many years, the most expensive energy source and terribly polluting something like Nespresso Caps... +1 for iPowerUS 9v and eneloop AA.