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  1. Hi Daniel, You can add as many custom exclusion lists as you want. Just click on the "+" on the right of the drop down menu in the exclusion lists screen. The exclusion lists will affect all of your tx though. So that's why I think it's easier to modify the frequency limits of your MCR54 tx so that they stay in a 32 MHz window.
  2. I think you get only 1 channel of noise assist instead of 2 on the 8 serie. Half channel / half price.
  3. Hi Sound, I made these video. Indeed, there is not a huge improvement over the stock antenna. However, the main advantage is that you can deport the antennas and use spiltters. Even with a 1:4 passive mini circuit splitter, so with quite some loss, in some situation, moving the antenna away from teradeks or over a corner gives great results. The mod is pretty easy ! Sorry, I don't know about transmitter as I don't to mod it.
  4. As you are shooting on a green screen, I would say mk41 or mkh50. And treat the room as much as you can.
  5. Yes. It's half a dashboard as it only holds the receiver but it works very well. I am working on another dashboard which would be attached to recorder. It has been printed with PETG. V1 was PLA and didn't like the heat : it bent over time. But I live in Africa.
  6. Hi, New batteries from Audioroot. Nice oled display and a lot cheaper ! http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-li-96neo/ http://www.audioroot.fr/product/esmart-li-48neo/
  7. The fader will affect the mix track, not the isos. The trim will affect both the mix and the isos.
  8. So that you don't have to dig under three layers of costume to adjust gain between takes. So it takes a fee seconds instead of a minute. I wish I had this possibility in the last 40 days of shooting I just had ; but not on the wisy I was using.
  9. roubi


    Now you got me very interested ! Thanks for the links and pictures.
  10. roubi


    Yeah, I should learn how to make my PCB : you can do it with a laser printer and a few chemical stuff easily found in Europe but not where I am now.
  11. roubi


    Hi, Here is my DIY BDS. It has 5 switches which are wired like this : 1) Master switch : activate all the other switches + voltage/current display + back usb output (to charge tablet/phone for wingman) 2) one Hirose for recorder 3) two Hirose for wireless mic and IFB 4) One hirose + one DC jack for video monitors and other stuff 5) One USB output (for a small light or a fan : I live in west Africa) It has 2 inputs : -1 hirose -1 dc jack I am mainly using modded Talentcell battery, so I can use and charge the battery at the same time. The voltage is regulated at 12V. Each output is protected by a fuse so as the master. Each USB is capable of delivering 5V/3A. Each switch has a led to see if it’s on or off. The case has been (badly…) 3D printed in PETG. It works very well. A little big but works well ! The power consumption display is really usefulll ! Side notes Power consumption tests of the recorders I have, with all channels activated (mic level for all and one with phantom power) with nothing plugged in : 1) Zoom F4 : 0,25A 2) SD 702T : 0,72A 3) SD Mixer-10T : 0,65A
  12. If you don't need the blimp then don't buy it. I you need it later, then buy it later... The weight of the blimp really matters at the end of a boompole. On a tripod for fx recording, that's not really an issue.
  13. That sounds like a good idea. But it would need a switch with 3 positions, wouldn't it?
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