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  1. @Rick Reineke Do you just run a 3.5mm into the lightning dongle of your iphone and then into the zoom meeting? or have a special cable. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey Friends, The producer is in another state but she is asking for a live stream of the audio as we film a reality doc style show. Do you all have any suggestions on the best way to go about doing this? I think I'll usually be parked outside with the bag and no booming due to covid regulations. Not sure if the producer will still expect it for doing bag drops in the car. let me know if you guys have any tips on this? Thank you
  3. Thats's actually true that one of my RX was not activated I think.
  4. Help needed. On my new Wisy MCR54, RX3 and RX4 sounded very overmodulated and distorted in my current tests even though they did not in my previous tests. The sound would distort a lot and especially with S sounds. All the settings on the MCR54 matched all my other settings on my other RX channels which were running just fine. I tried a lot of things with the cables but when I restored factory defaults RX3 and RX4 went back to sounding normal again. Do you guys know what I might have done wrong or what the issue was? I want to know incase it happens again. Thank you,
  5. Does anyone know why I can only set the same frequencies between my Wisycom MCR54 and MTP40s using the sync function? If i try to set them manually, it never works. The the same group number and channel number is always a different frequency on the TX and RX.
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