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  1. Resurrecting an old thread but I wanted to know what you used at the bottom to hold the boom pole off the ground. I guessing you used a quick fist up top but curious about the bottom
  2. Your situation is very similar to mine. The timecode never started running regardless of the setting. I am assuming it was a firmware/bug issue. I will try and toggle some of the settings back and forth to see if that helps next time I work with the same client. I’ve asked them to see if they can update the firmware to make sure. If anything comes to mind on what settings you played with just comment below as I need all the help I can get.
  3. I had it on free run and preset but for whatever reason it would not accept incoming timecode. I made sure to plug into the timecode input bnc and check the switch. I wonder if it was just that particular camera or if there is something else missing. I also tried it with my 664 but won’t accept timecode from that either. I’m glad to know it’s definitely possible to get it to work.
  4. I had it at default. I try to adjust the level of the signal next time I work with it.
  5. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has run issues with running timecode to the Sony Fx9. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot the FX9 last time I worked with it so I ended up just sending a camera hop for reference. I tried to use a jb-1 denecke and a 664 to send timecode to the camera with the settings stated in the manual but had no luck with it acquiring sync. I tried to toggle through the timecode settings in the camera menu but didn’t have time since we were in a crunch. Just curious if anyone has run into similar issues?
  6. I have seemed to run into an issue. I have a BDS4 which I have 2 srbs and 1 Lr, and my 664 plugged in. My power seems to cut out at times and I suspect it is my LR. I have double checked the connections and everything seems fine. But I haven’t really had the LR plugged in until recently and that’s when I started to have problems.
  7. I haven’t checked with a meter yet. Firmware 4.51. It didn’t have AAs at the time of the issue but I did switch to AAs and Int power for the last two hours and no issue occurred.
  8. Hello guys, I ran into an issue with the SD 664 on set. I used the BDS4v to power a SRb and a 664 and ran into an issue with the 664 powering on and off randomly. At first I thought a cable might be loose so I checked everything to make sure nothing was loose and made sure to turn everything back off and on. At first the 664 kept cycling on and off until it suddenly stopped and stayed on. It worked for a bit and then it happened again. I then decided to change all the cables connected to the BDS and even swapped batteries. It seemed fine for 2 hours and then it starting doing it again. The BDS4v light never went out and the SRb never lost power either, only the 664 would lose power and cycle on and off. I'm hoping its not a 664 issue but I have contacted Sound Devices. I'm just curious if anyone else has run into a similar issue. .
  9. Hello guys, I'm looking to get another wireless kit for my bag. Currently using BLK 19 and for the most part the lower half of BLK 19 works well for me across city. Is there any other BLKs that would be recommended for use across the city that generally has some free space? I know RF interference varies from location to location but if anyone has experience with different BLKs that work well. I would greatly appreciate the advice. I have experimented with BLK 21 with little success.
  10. Marc that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks for posting it again. Thanks everyone.
  11. I was just curious where i could find a manual to the denecke TS-3. I just recently bought one used but it didn't have the sticker on the back detailing all the frame rates and I wanted to know more. I think I seen an image of the sticker in one of these forums but I couldn't find it. I went to the denecke website but it only had the brochure not a manual. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Yeah I seen in another post that the 50mW isn't a huge deal other then that you need to bump up the gain a bit. Would the fixed 50mW be a very noticeable?
  13. Has anyone bought SMDB's and what's the main difference between them and smqv's and smv's. I know from the lectrosonics website smdb's are sold in the UK and Europe? I was wondering if there would be any problems operating them in the US and is any one has or is currently using them in the US? Thanks
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