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  1. I believe you're referencing the discussion I started on the FB group. It is indeed a serious oversight on their part that I hope is addressed immediately. I believe Shure simply was unaware how big of an issue this is for many Sound Mixers who work more minimally since the bulk of their products have historically been used for large events. I hope they do take the feedback to heart. It was actually also a dealbreaker for me initially, but ultimately I decided to move forward. Not looking forward to this clumsy charging setup as I like to keep a tight kit for travel work, but if the Axient Digital system is truly as good as some are reporting, I imagine this will end up being a minor annoyance worth dealing with until/if they address it.
  2. No need for that worry. The ADX5D is a self contained receiver if you wish it to be. They sell a $200 backplate that has Hirose and TA3 outputs (can output analog, or AES if your mixer supports it). Mark
  3. Checkout the FB group if you haven't. Shure's Axient line is still fresh to the film location world so there's not a ton of user experiences out yet, but the best I've seen is on the group. Folks are fairly responsive to questions there. Finalizing an order for 2x ADX1M transmitters and the ADX5D receiver tomorrow morning. Shure Axient FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/950768919029841 -Mark
  4. No problem! It was definitely difficult to gauge the size of it on the webcam. I was a bit surprised when she measured it and it came out to be only 8.25".
  5. Just as a heads up, I believe Colleen said 8.25", on the Zoom chat rather than 10.25", which does come out to 21cm.
  6. How do you all find the isolation of the HD26 or HD25 compared to the 7506? Would love to keep the headphone gain as low as possible to help protect the ears.
  7. Did a search and couldn't find much info on non-coiled XLR jumpers with low profile connectors. Looking for high quality options both male XLR to female XLR and vice versa. Seems like there are a few options at various dealers, but the cable thickness/quality looks rather anemic in most of them. Not sure I would trust them. Remote Audio's jumpers seem to be made with a decent cable as far I can tell from photos. Looking for 10" to 18" options. What are you all using? Thanks and take care, Mark
  8. FYI Ken and others. Posted by Howard Stark from the FB Group a few hours ago: "Here is Nova version 1.59 (BETA) www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/All-Zaxcom-Software.pdf www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.59.zip 1.59 Nov 15 more fixes to frequency changes and auto pick no longer automatically send freq out zaxnet when RXer freq is changed 1.58 Nov 14 increased IFB module reliability no longer allow scanning on RX2 and RX4 1.57 Nov 12 attempted to fix Auto-Pan matrix confusion added auto-pan such that moving a fader changes pan cursor on ENG (Pan) home screen 1.55 Nov 8 moved RX POWER to RX SETUP page (slot1 and slot2 power) 1.54 Nov 8 Fixed jumping RF meters Fixed ISO ATTENUATION being off by a large amount No longer reset time and date when there is missing real time clock data"
  9. I believe this particular issue has been documented on the Facebook Zaxcom group. I believe Glen said it's a known issue and will be addressed via firmware soon. -Mark
  10. Appreciate you doing this test, @glenn. The 6060 looks promising for a new Zaxcom kit I'm putting together. Do you know if the 4063 in your test was the newer Core version, or the legacy?
  11. Appreciate your initial thoughts @RadoStefanov. Do you happen to know if the IFB audio transmission has been improved on the Nova? I seem to hear very polarizing views of IFB through Zaxnet where some people say it works without flaws, while others (perhaps in more dense 2.4 GHz environments) have had issues. Most of my gigs are setup with clients and camera being within just 30 feet of the bag so I'm wondering if I can use a few ERX3TCDs for IFBs and camera hop for reliable transmission since my working distance is usually very small. Or, do I need to go UHF? EDIT: Also, do you happen to know (or maybe @glenn) if on the Nova you can transmit the IFB while AES is being utilized? I may have misunderstood the information, but I vaguely recall that due to the limited processing power on the Nomad years ago, it was not possible to simultaneously output IFB through Zaxnet while using the AES inputs. -Mark
  12. This is my only concern with a single integrated system. I'm wondering if Zaxcom could develop some sort of external adapter that can take the MRX214s and MRX414s and provide it power and analog/AES out? This way you could use it with other mixers (other Zaxcoms, Sound Devices, Zoom, etc) in the event a backup mixer/recorder is necessary. Or just in situations where we want the receivers external for whatever reason (ex. attach it to a camera directly and bypass the mixer) without having to pick up additional ($$$) external QRX200s or QRX235s. It wouldn't even need to be terribly pretty or tiny, just something that would work in a pinch and be more cost efficient than keeping around a bunch of rarely used backup wireless gear and investing in backup external receivers which somewhat defeats the purpose of going with an integrated system. I think the advantages of this system outweigh that potential issue in the event of a emergency situation, but some sort of accessory like that (if even possible) would certainly free up the concern of "all your eggs in one basket." Also, love the user-replaceable Compact Flash slots. I had a CF slot go bad on a Maxx a couple of years ago, so this is a welcome addition. @glenn very vaguely hinted that this modular reader may allow for other options in the future. Having a Nova option that would ship with 2x SD card clots would be fantastic. Most clients I work with always have some sort of SD reader readily available whereas CF seems to be dying off and always adds another layer come time to dumping files during wrap. Also, don't have to worry about bent pins with SD. Anyways, the announcement of these latest internal RXs is now pushing me to pick up a Nova over the 833. Some fantastic work from the Zaxcom team. -Mark
  13. I get that the Nova, Maxx, 833, 6 and 7 series are all top notch recorders and there's many things within a feature set to look for as a professional mixer. My question, though, is specific to the sound quality of the preamps. In the same way someone may prefer to pick a CMC641 over a MKH50 for a particular voice/location or vice versa, I would like to know if any early adopters of the Nova can comment on its sound signature. It seems like there's a few dozen of these in the wild, at least. Does one recorder render recordings a bit warmer or more neutral than the other? Yes, the self-noise is low on all the machines, but is one discernibly lower than the other? I know the 833/Scorpio sounds great and is impressively quiet not just based off their listed specs, but because I've heard samples. I imagine it would be helpful for many to have comparable information/samples for the Nova. Sure, I would love to rent both units, but that's not always practical, and given this is an open forum where experienced mixers may have used these discussed devices it would be informative to dig into the sound quality specifically.
  14. The Nova is looking increasingly impressive. I hope to add either this or an 833 to my kit next year. There's no doubt the guts of the Nova are impressive, but I haven't seen much information (if any) about the sound and quietness of the analog preamps. I understand they have NeverClip, but I'm more curious about how they sound compared to the 833 and other top end devices. Just how quiet are they? Couldn't find any specs on Zaxcom's website about their equivalent input noise levels.
  15. Glad to see this. Hope the accessory is fairly compact and reasonably priced. Noticed on the FAQ they mentioned that 32 bit float may be added later. The 833 is shaping up to be quite impressive.
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