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  1. Glad to see this. Hope the accessory is fairly compact and reasonably priced. Noticed on the FAQ they mentioned that 32 bit float may be added later. The 833 is shaping up to be quite impressive.
  2. yophoto91

    New SD 833

    Possibly a silly question for @Paul Isaacs or anyone who may know: can the 833's single AES input on XLR 1 record 2 separate AES channels from a dual receiver? Or can you can only achieve 2 AES channels through a single XLR cable when using AES out? My vague understanding of AES is that sometimes you can input or output 2 channels via a single XLR. Is this correct?
  3. As a freelance CamOp and 1st AC who has used virtually every wireless system between $5k - $15K in the last 10 years my recommendation is Vaxis, specifically their newer Storm series. Without a doubt the most reliable system I have used. I have never understood the glorification of Teradek. There have been countless times where Teradeks are solid at 300 feet or a thousand feet away and then inexplicably cut out. Far worse, are the times when their 1000 or 3000 cuts out within 15 feet. Their channel selection process is a mess and rarely alleviates any drop out issues (maybe this was improved in their most recent model?). For commercials I am often expected to pull on 6K, 50mm/85mm, EVERYTHING wide open at T1.5 on softer/vintage glass so I eventually bit the bullet and bought my own Storm 1000+. It doesn't carry the same weight as Teradek and some companies and DPs are skeptical when I mention it, but by the end of a shoot they are normally convinced. It simply works. Rock solid. -Mark
  4. Unboxed my MixPre10 yesterday. Overall very happy with the unit so far. That said, two things seem puzzling to me and I would like to propose they be addressed with a firmware update if possible: 1.) The ISO tracks are only able to be viewed vertically with no numerical dB reading measurement available. I realize there's only so much info that can be displayed on the small screen of a 10-input recorder of this size, but I really wish there was an additional display option or way to view the ISO tracks horizontally with numerical dB measurements like you can on the MixPre6 and MixPre3. As it is now this limits my ability to confidentally set and monitor levels as I often only record a few ISOs at a time. 2.) It would be great if the ring light around the joystick was customizable to be green or white or simply off altogether rather than the current orange color when it is not recording. As it is now the standby orange color appears too similar to the recording red color when eyeballing the recorder from across a room or even a few meters away (often necessary as a one-man band shooter when you're not immediately next to the recorder). Any chance these things can be added in a future firmware @Paul Isaacs? Looking forward to putting this baby into the field soon. Thanks and take care, Mark
  5. Curtis Judd's Initial Impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0fPGr_SDxs
  6. Hi @Paul Isaacs, any word on battery life with the 8 AAs when phantom powering say 2 or 4 mics? Perhaps it was posted somewhere already, but I didn't see it. Also, any chance Sound Devices may be working on a single Sony NP-L battery sled option? The current dual battery solution seems optimal for extended battery life, but makes the shape a bit awkward in a bag with the batteries jutting out from the top and bottom. I know HawkWoods just put out their version, curious if you guys will? Thanks, Mark
  7. Appreciate all the responses. I wish there were a few more videos floating around that showed the differences between these systems in more practical situations (ex. recording dialog or ambiance in a windy forest/beach/city). I typically don't need to violently swing a pole side to side such extreme distances as demonstrated in that video. More interested in finding the best balance of reasonable wind reduction, size/weight of blimp, and the least colored sound. Makes me want to find a way to conduct my own detailed test. Might look into contacting a dealer and checking if they'll lend a few of these babies for the purpose of a comprehensive video test.
  8. Article: http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/09/19/tentacle-sync-tentacle-e-timecode-generator-ibc-2017/ Looking good. Thoughts? Mark
  9. Thanks manuelchk. So there is a noticeable difference in sound quality retention and/or effective wind noise reduction with the Cinela vs. the new Rycote? I'll look into their products, appreciate the info. Just curious, what mic(s) are you using? Thanks, Mark
  10. Been using the newer version of the Rode Blimp with Rycote shock mounts for about a year with my 416. Works great. No complaints other than its size. I noticed Rycote released a blimp last year that's specifically designed for the 416 and similar sized mics. It's considerably smaller and lighter. My question: generally speaking does the size of a blimp have a direct effect on its ability to cut out wind noise? It seems to me the larger the shielded area around the mic the more wind protection, but I'm sure there are other factors such as material and shape. I'm trying to keep my kit as small/light as possible and am thinking about upgrading to the much smaller Rycote, but not if it won't be as effective. Thoughts? Also, anyone have any experience with the new Rycote? They mention it will also fit a Sanken CS-3e, DPA 4017b, and CMIT. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1056426-REG/rode_blimp_windsheild_rycote_lyre_suspension.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1246569-REG/rycote_010324_windshield_kit_for_the.html Thanks, Mark
  11. Would you mind expanding on the limiters a bit more? Curious about the advantages/disadvantages compared to the F8 for your uses. Thanks, Mark
  12. Had a Maxx for a brief time and was impressed with its feature set, but less so its build quality. Would love to see a Maxx 2.0 with the features mentioned above in a more solid chassis similar to SD quality. That, and a more robust/protected card slot & card release.
  13. As Joseph mentioned, the 416 sounds significantly worse on my speakers and headphones. Something definitely seems off.
  14. Any word if there will be an Android app that supports these features? Or is it only iOS?
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