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  1. The boom is fine thank goodness. We are on a tv show however that sadly forces us to the wires a lot. Same old story. It’s clearly a “vocal fry” thing, but sometimes it becomes apparent that it’s not just the voice, but what it does to the capsule. We have been working along the chain and trying different placements, wires and packs. Mostly we are wondering if there is a post fix that can help, or if the wire tracks are even salvageable when that happens. So far we have been able to get everything of the boom as well, but there will be a day...
  2. Have you ever had one of those guys with a real gravely voice that seems to rattle the capsule of a Lavalier mic? The gain structure is good through the chain so it’s not a peaking thing. We have also tried proximity from his mouth/throat. I’ve tried a cos11, a b6, a tram and a dpa too. Also tried an SM and a UM400. Ideas?? Thoughts?
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