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    I am a production sound mixer working basically on feature films or television series. Holding a master degre of sound recording and sound designe on Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade,Serbia. Started as a boom op for my father in 1999.
    Big fan of JWSOND !

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  1. nonisound

    HN-7506 or something else

    Grat photo Al , thanks ! Great photo Al,thanks !
  2. nonisound

    HN-7506 or something else

    Great coments from everyone ! HN-7506 will be for sure 😉 Thanks a lot ! Maybe the solution for wind/rain/water scenario for boom op,director,... can be Avantree IPX7 Waterproof earbuds and when needed over them Earmuff for noise reduction.
  3. nonisound

    HN-7506 or something else

    Hi, I am preparing for a very loud set, and I am thinking of changing my HD26pro for something with more isolation from ambient noise. I was thinking to go for HN-7506, but If there is something else out there with a good isolation, I would be very happy to hear. Also,director and boom operators will be on the set exposed to water and rain and big fans for crating a wind ..., what would be recomedaton for this type of the closed headphones which are water resistent. Reaserhing google I found something that maybe will do the job. It is Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones. https://detectorpro.com/gray-ghost-amphibian-headphones-2/ Anyone had a chance to used them or something simulare to this. Thanks a lot Novica Jankov
  4. nonisound

    flying with gear 2015

    Hey Ken, That is a great news, thank you for encourage me, I hope there will not be to much problem about that. I am planning to have with me Peli 1550 with some more items. Thank's Noni
  5. nonisound

    flying with gear 2015

    Hi guys, Same question from me , any problems with boom poles in carry-on bags? I am thinking to bring with me VDB XL , which is 110cm. Any suggestions about that. Thank's Noni