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    I am a production sound mixer working basically on feature films or television series. Holding a master degre of sound recording and sound designe on Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade,Serbia. Started as a boom op for my father in 1999.
    Big fan of JWSOND !
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  1. Hi Joppe , I am very happy with one that I have V2.0 , fantastic product !!! Works perfectly !!! Thanks a lot !!! Best regards Noni
  2. Laurent, Thanks for the detailed description. I ordered two times 50m long, that will be use for longer runs, and Aircell 7 for shorter ,5 m . I am looking forward to try them, as they have great technical characteristic. Best Noni
  3. Hi, Can anyone share experience using EcoFlex 10 Low-Loss Antenna cable. It has really good technical references. I am curious how easy is to wrap a cable on a long distance if it's not on a reel drum. Thanks Noni
  4. Thanks alot guys for your comments and suggestions. I am running Besto CPAA-18 from Lectro Venue 2. As Bestso are working only as an Active antenna, I am thinking to chuse BlueFin to have it as a buck up, or when I need to go from the bag. The price is really good, and they have a good amount of db gain. I would like to use the opertunity to ask if anybody have an experiance with RF Venue Spotlight antenna.
  5. Hi I have a question about your choice of antennas. Mostly I'm working from my trolly, and a lot of times I am a bit far from the set. I'm very happy with Betso CPAA-18. Having an active antenna that compensates for the long cable distance is a great option. As they are a bit heavy , I'd like to have an option for portable bag work. Also they will be my back up for CPAA-18 in a case of ... I am thinking about RF Venue Diverisi Fin. Of course first difference is they are Passive antennas, but it would be great to hear more from people who use them. Please share your option for cart or bag work. Thanks a lot Noni
  6. Thanks Philippe, that's what I needed to hear:) In Matthias comment I saw that Kortwich Berlin has it with Lemo 3 pin connector. That's great option. I look forward to give it a try. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm interested in the sound quality of the recorder. I usually use DPA 4061 Slim with Lectro SSM. SSM really sounds great, and I'm curious about the difference in sound quality between the two. What are the new experiences, as the topic is pretty old. thank's
  8. Thank you all for a great comments. I got my HN 7506 and they helped me a lot to work on my last job. It was very noisy set. Seems that once you get use to them, you want to stay with them no matter if it's loud or silent set:)
  9. Grat photo Al , thanks ! Great photo Al,thanks !
  10. Great coments from everyone ! HN-7506 will be for sure 😉 Thanks a lot ! Maybe the solution for wind/rain/water scenario for boom op,director,... can be Avantree IPX7 Waterproof earbuds and when needed over them Earmuff for noise reduction.
  11. Hi, I am preparing for a very loud set, and I am thinking of changing my HD26pro for something with more isolation from ambient noise. I was thinking to go for HN-7506, but If there is something else out there with a good isolation, I would be very happy to hear. Also,director and boom operators will be on the set exposed to water and rain and big fans for crating a wind ..., what would be recomedaton for this type of the closed headphones which are water resistent. Reaserhing google I found something that maybe will do the job. It is Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones. https://detectorpro.com/gray-ghost-amphibian-headphones-2/ Anyone had a chance to used them or something simulare to this. Thanks a lot Novica Jankov
  12. Hey Ken, That is a great news, thank you for encourage me, I hope there will not be to much problem about that. I am planning to have with me Peli 1550 with some more items. Thank's Noni
  13. Hi guys, Same question from me , any problems with boom poles in carry-on bags? I am thinking to bring with me VDB XL , which is 110cm. Any suggestions about that. Thank's Noni
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