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  1. Anwar

    Show me your bag

    How do you like the LR in the bag? I'm about to pick it up.
  2. Anwar

    Looking for a new audio harness

    I like the orca harness I'm currently using it. I've liked it so far my kit isn't all that big though.
  3. Do you have a release date yet?
  4. Anwar

    NAB 2015 New Stuff

    How much is the PortaBrace case cart option?
  5. Anwar

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    Meant the the 633. My bad.
  6. Anwar

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    I wonder if they will add the mix assist to the 688.
  7. I think most of feel the same.
  8. Anwar

    K-Tek Harness?

    Since it's not done yet I assume you may not know. But what's the price range that you think it will be?
  9. Anwar

    Orca waist harness mod

    I used the waist belt mixer heavily on a shoot recently and it wasn't bad but this mod looks like it will be nice becouse I do hate how much I have to adjust it
  10. Anwar

    Rode NTG 4/4+ Anyone tested yet?

    It seems weird to have the built in battery instead of a double aa. When the charge us depleted on the mic you would have to keep it plugged in to operate it instead of swapping batteries
  11. Anwar

    A good replacement for Sony NP-F550

    I have the Ikan battery and the work fine so far just got them on january 2nd of this year for my 633. Be forewarned their charger sucks so go with a Watson charger. I got about 8 hours running two channels on the ikan.
  12. It's a different lav from the smart lav that they have according to their site if you click more info about the mic. It's the mic with easy interchangeable plugs.
  13. I bought the 633 recently after using the 702 for awhile then decided to try out the 633. I love my 633. I went with the non kit option because I didn't need everything in the kit at once and the portabrace bag is suppose to not be really worth the money so I went with building a kit with the or-30 bag.
  14. Anwar

    ORCA Sound Bags and Harness

    I just got one the other day and the orca 30 has a softer part so the xlr's may be against it. The bag will give a little so it does not crush the xlr's. I have my orca in a pelican 1610 so I have room for my blimp and other stuff in it.