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  1. True, too hard in California to start a business, build a house .Too many regulations. I am not a liberal. I'm a pragmatist.Oh, and I believe pot leads to stronger drugs.
  2. The House of Rep, the Senate and the executive branch are all extreme right. Trump has too much power-------- Dangerous. The Republican party has never been this heavy on the extreme right wing. President Eisenhower would be considered a Liberal with statements to beware of the "military industrial complex" and even Nixon with the EPA.
  3. Trump is going to have big government. He's already going after the 1st amendment.
  4. talk about rearranging the deck furniture as the Titanic sinks....What.
  5. People need to see the strong potential of this democracy turning into a Fascist Regime. Time to wake up [not you Mirror]
  6. This ain't about donating---one thing it is about is your union. He is going after the unions and has all the power.The most power of any president for the last 88 years. It is about sound.
  7. As you probably know,you don't pour large amounts of concrete in New York without being involved with the Mob
  8. So true, and I don't think they are preparing for the tidal wave to come. Proletariat lives matter.
  9. Read "It can't happen here" by Sinclair Lewis---chilling.
  10. Yea,I don't think people realize how dangerous Trump with congress actually is----"It can't happen here"
  11. "It can't happen here" The problem is the DNC doesn't get the zeitgeist. very few liked Hillary----old politics.
  12. The point of donating to the recount is to show the size of resistance. It is time to stand up.
  13. Not too late---think what it may be like for the next 30 years [supreme court]
  14. It's time to donate to the Green Party and Jill Stein for the Presidential election recount.Go to Green Party website. J. Dehr
  15. This is no joke,low pounding frequencies scare the little creatures and they shut-up.Pound a 6"x6" post on the ground and they think it's a Mastedon [elephant] and they shut-up------it works ! I'm not crazy----J. Dehr
  16. I worked for Wally Heider studios in 1970 t0 1974.We had the 3M M56 16 track machines[great machine] in San Francisco and if I remember correctly they cost $1000 per track [$16000]. The 24 tracks didn't come out till 1973 for 3M and Ampex. 3M's M74 24 track totally failed because of a stupid new design of the electronics by having a huge mother board that flexed and cracked when plugging and unplugging the sub-boards [preamps,bias,etc.] in and out. I was flown down to Camarillo to inspect the prototype M74 with an older wiser engineer who was drunk and stoned the whole trip. I reported back that the machine would fail and why, and the older engineer reported back that it was really cool.So Wally Heider [since I was relatively new,he didn't listen to me] and we bought 8 or 9 M74's which after a month ate tape whenever they wanted.
  17. you should of course do it mostly with the boom---so background level stays as consistent as possible.
  18. The MDU 416u is amazing but Beyer makes a dynamic mic. that is made for explosions etc. and sounds like a condensor mic.----talk to sherry at Trew Audio.I had both and the Beyer saved me many times. J.D.
  19. They do make a 1/2 size c stand type knuckle. J.D.
  20. there are anechoic chambers within the university system----cal-tech,UCLA,USC ETC.---not sure which one---I was in one here in around 1970. J.D.
  21. It's pretty up there this time of year, but you'll end up hating it if you work on this shoot. J.D.
  22. When I went to interview for "Roar", they made me walk across a lion compound full of mama's and cubs.The cubs bit at my shoe laces with the mama's watching.I concentrated not to step on a cubs paw.Tipi and Noel where at the furthest part of the compound away from the entrance. I decided it was like a weird cult that day and decided not to work on the film. J. Dehr
  23. The sound is where the judgement of quality of the film comes into play.-------Really If the camera is shaky,thats art.If the sound is shaky,thats crap. J.D.
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