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  1. Thank you for information, Scott! Enjoy your holidays as well and we all wish you all the best in the New Year! Kind regards, Jan
  2. Hi Scott, we received your item today and we are going to dispatch it today back to Vancouver. It should be there in two days. Battery door repair was made for free. Display was damaged mechanically (glass was broken and front face too), so we changed it and send details to your dealer. As well as broken display for your check. Repair is not expensive, don't be affraid. Thank you and kind regards, Jan BETSO
  3. First of all, nobady attacks you, I think it is obvious. You add post to BETSO CUSTOMERS SUPPORT and it sounded like our support wasn't good. I just wrote, what happened. Is it really attack? 🙂 Your SBOX can be fixed in US and just with replacing of battery door. If you wrote us in the past, that you don't want to send it back because of shipping, I would offer you another solution through another dealer or another branch, where they can repair it for you. About your friend, I everytime offer possible solutions and he chose sending new battery door to him. He never wrote back, he has some issue with it. I would help him or foward him to dealer, who can help him.
  4. Hello Ryan, you wrote us 11/30/2017 and I answered you 6 hours later just because of time shift. I asked you for information to understand the problem. Your SBOX-1N door was bended and because of that hard to slide and finally it got stuck (lack of lubrication). I offered you to sending new battery door for free! You could replace it in few minutes. You did not respond to my email from 11/30/2017 to 3/17/2018! Then you wrote on 3/19/2018 that you were at Trew Audio and they told you something what causes the issue. That time you asked us, if you can ship it back, I said yes, if you want to. Anyway, replace battery doors at your place would be easy as ABC and you rather let Trew to send it back. Anyway, on 3/19/2018 you still had SBOX in your hands asking me for address. Then it got stuck for a month at Trew Audio, this is right. We repaired it the same day it came to us and shipped it back to them. Please do not judge our support if this is a fault of dealer. Judge services of this dealer, who delayed it. Thank you and kind regards, Jan
  5. Hello guys, we allways try to offer the best support possible. When some part for our product comes and is not perfect, we rather don’t sell it and wait for the right part. This is also the reason, we had a big delay of our WTCS-1 slates. But availability/unavailability of some product does NOT affect real support of customers, who already bought it. In the past, some repairs was delayed because of dealer, who used post for sending us products for service regardless we very suggested to avoid this shipping method and use Fedex or other courier service, which is multiple times quicker. Thank you and kind regards, Jan Zastera BETSO
  6. Jason, you are right. Thank you for describing it to JonG!
  7. Hello Jim, you can enjoy this information on every RX in the network or TX, of course. On TCX-2 when pushing up button. On SBOX-2RF when pushing left button. It is written in the manual. Thank you for using of our products! Kind regards, Jan Hello JonG, from our point of view and experiences of many and many customers: 1) No, it really shouldn't make any interference with othe devices in your bag. 2) Battery life of TCX-2 is really good. On NiMH about 30 hours, Alkaline about 25 hours. So battery eliminator is not necessary. Thank you a lot. Jan
  8. Hello guys, ID numbers of RXs is there for easy identification of receiver. If you have more pieces, you know well, which one is out of range, which one has dead battery etc. There are 5 channels, which can prevent problem with other systems on one place. If you know, that your system can be disturbed with other one, you can use TCX-2 as a stand alone units without RF. But to be honest, I think you won't be disturbed by other BETSO systems at one place. We have never heard about this issue.. Thank you for using BETSO! Kind regards, Jan Zastera BETSO ELECTRONICS
  9. Thank you, Derek. You are right. Some manufacturers of NiMH cells don't respect AA cell dimensions standards, but it is not problem of all NiMH. We also upgraded battery door of SBOX-1N and it should be really minor problem, but it is good to check it if you buy a new cells.
  10. Hello Blas, it is solved for SBOX-1Ns shipped from now. Thank you very much for this information - you are the first, who gave us this information. It is most probably because almost all users use alkaline batteries. They are much cheaper and because of really small current consumption of SBOX-1N, they can power it for 2 days with no problem. Using lithium batteries is not necessity. Unfortunately there is no easy way how to fix battery monitoring of lithium AA celss on already sold SBOX-1Ns.. Sorry. Have a nice time and sorry for delayed answer. Kind regards, Jan
  11. Hello guys, we will take a look at this issue and let you know. Please next time use our info@betso.eu email or better form on our pages: http://www.betso.eu/report-a-problem We can give you quicker support then. Thank you for patience. Kind regards, Jan Zastera BETSO
  12. Hi Rado, if you are interested, please contact one of our distributor in the USA (f.e. Gotham or Trewaudio) and they would be happy to lend you SBOX-1N for testing. Or I can contact them and ask them to contact you and lend you SBOX-1N. It is up to you. :-) By the way, thank you for very nice comparison, we would be proud to have SBOX-1N involved! Kind regards, Jan Zastera BETSO
  13. I know. You are right. Company which made this mistake will be punished. Sharkie bandwith is 470-850 MHz. There is a significant signal attenuation outside this range because of internal RF filters, which are great for avoid mobile/wifi/walkie-talkie interferences.. Graphs and measurements will be on our new pages. Manual will be ready soon. We are working on that. Thank you for interest!
  14. Hello guys, European pricing is not right. pindrop accidently found our testing area for new BETSO web pages. There are only testing data there. It should be hidden for customers. Sorry for that. Pricing will be the same in Europe as well in the USA! Price in EU is 479 EUR/pc tax excluded. Price in the USA 579 USD/pc. Worldwide Free delivery when ordering online at BETSO STORE. Ask you local distributor for demo of SHARKIE. Our new web should be launched in 2 weeks. Best regards, Jan Zastera BETSO ELECTRONICS s.r.o.
  15. janz

    New TC-box from Betso

    Hello Derek, we are working on that. I will let you know in case it is possible. We will definitely implement this function to all new products, which we are preparing right now. Best regards, Jan
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