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  1. .. but... the connector isn't any smaller than a TA connector and those lock... what is the purpose of this?
  2. The poster is a first time buyer, spending more money than he's ever spent on an audio recorder before... Go with the one with a warranty and firmware updates! The one that doesn't require you to swap out the out of date HDD with a SSD yourself because it has dual SD Card slots to manage it's backup recordings. The one that features a modern design GUI. Get the F8n because it's going to be easier and faster for you to master as your first professional recorder.
  3. Shooting the commercial for it right now.
  4. Yes, Orginally we figured we'd just make it so you could use it as a USB sound card. Something higher quality than the input on most laptops. Adding it to RX mode is possible and might be something we will be able to add to the firmware like we were about to do add to the HD-TX. Yes it does. It features a locking 3.5mm input. That's actually kinda an interesting concept. We never really thought of it like that, like a QC checking IFB to confirm audio, change settings, and trigger the recorder... That might actually be something we can roll out in Firmware 3.0 for the De
  5. Did you turn the microphone on by holding the low cut filter down for 3 seconds?
  6. Hey all, Luckily directional antennas for 2.4Ghz devices are super small. Like the palm of your hand small. I run several and have one I will use for long range or difficult to pickup transmitters that gives me great range and punches thru walls no problem. This is a 2.4Ghz Yagi PCB antenna with a semi-rigid coax cable soldered directly to the PCB and into a SMA connector. This little guy cost a whopping $8, an an afternoon of soldering. The guy who makes them is in Dallas Texas. If you can't solder or have access to this type of coax wire, if you email Kent over at WA
  7. I gave your files a listen. From what I can gather you're under driving your TX and pumping at your RX which is giving you horrible SNR. I had my Macbook speakers cranked and you sounded like a whisper. When I went to open your files in my DAW, both your RODELink and Deity Connect files barely registered at -30dB on the VU meter. I suspect your gain staging needs to be reworked because your coming up at least +18-25dB shy. Post up your: TX Audio settings? RX Audio Settings? RME Gain settings? Line vs Mic too Gain set in DAW?
  8. We are conducting market research to find out what we can do to improve our microphones and meet the needs of the community. We would love to have 1:1 Zoom calls with people and listen to your input on what you look for in your gear. For helping us out we want to send you one of our new 3mm lavaliers. https://www.deitymic.com/pages/feedback-sessions
  9. Lysol spray and let it air dry outdoors in sunlight
  10. Yup. Our web server crashed last week from the overwhelming traffic from V-Mic D4 DUO launch so we had to do a quick DNS transfer to a backup website. The BP-TRX is far from being cancelled. We are now deep in beta testing and actually have units currently out on a few film sets here in the US and in the Netherlands.
  11. I have been using it for the past week. Its... okay. It does not like omni-directional microphones. I have tested it with lavs and headset mics. Because of the nature of their pickup, someone standing next to you comes in too clearly to be "recognized" as noise and you will hear them on the mic still. Especially if the miked person is not talking. So the app could use a SNR threshold slider so you can dial in that setting better. It still requires good SNR in regards to your subject and background noises. It has a VERY unnatural silence to it which is fine if you are doing Twitch s
  12. We just released some new professional series lavs and a lot of people noticed the self noise of our Deity Connect system to be all but gone when using after market lavs. When using aftermarket microphones (XLR or TRS with our new HD-TX) and gain staging it properly you can now achieve about a -75dB RMS noise floor. And by adding a simple 80-100hz roll off at your recorder you can get that to -79dB RMS.
  13. Hey Codyman, it's 100% the case. The reason why you see me talking about it on the Gotham video and no one else's video is the demographic audience that Gotham speaks to is very different than most interviews I do with the press. I've attached the stereo pinout. We are hoping to have V2 firmware out this summer that will enable you to transmit to multiple receivers so that they really can be a more effective camera hop.
  14. Sadly I can't make it this year. I actually need to figure something out for it because I'd love to get a table for people to get a demo. I need to find someone I can hire for a couple of hours and send them a salesmen sampler kit and a table cloth. Know anyone? I will be in Dallas that week meeting with new dealers and a trade show there. I will say when it comes to comparing different 2.4Ghz systems (pros and cons) it seems there is some miss-information about 2.4Ghz and other systems. 1) 2.45Ghz is not the resonate frequency of water. 2.45Ghz was selected due to spac
  15. Hey Eric, I'm not sure who you mean by "he clipped on the mic", we had 6 people working at the booth so I am not sure who gave you the demo. But I know when I gave the demo to people like Glen Trew, Chris Howland, Jeff Wexler, Jose Frias, Jared Elkin, Carlos Meada, and Eric Leek we got a minimum of 25ft and in some test, we got as much as 40ft on the expo floor. And I encourage you or anyone else on this page to ask any of these sound mixers how their results were when they watched the demo. Glen Trew was playing with our shark fin antenna the whole test and checking out to see how directiona
  16. So no one makes a locking TRRS jack/plug. Thats not a thing. Instead we did a right angle plug so direct tugging on the cable is 90 degrees to the port so it doesn't slide out of the jack. And when using it on a boom pole, the Rycote shock mount we include has a cable holder to keep your cable locked into place. We did make a XLR terminated adapter that also can work with some of our other products. Its called the D-XLR and its included with the D3 Pro Location Kit for when your working with either XLR cameras or want to use the mic with a XLR TX. As for Deity Connect, t
  17. Yes. The D3 Pro can be powered on during charging. So you could run a USB cable off a cameras power distro into this microphone so you never even worry about power.
  18. Really depends I suppose. Because of its compact size the D3 works great in car setups. We used it in a tutorial video 2 weeks ago for a car rig and it sounded better than the lavs. Anything can be relevant to our work, it just depends on the setup. Well this is the first time its ever been posted, and this is the equipment section for these types of announcements.
  19. Spec List: Transducer Principles Pre-Polarized Condenser Dynamic Range 114dB (per IEC651) Pick Up Pattern Super Cardioid SPL 134dB SPL (@1KHZ, 1%THD into 1kΩ) Frequency Range 20HZ ~ 20KHZ (selected HPF @75Hz/150Hz)
  20. I think I have 5-6 of those Remote Audio adapters in my kit. They work great.
  21. Without being able to sync it with an external source I can't see this being popular. Everything they've done here can be done by the Tentacle Sync E with their API kit and a firmware update. Tentacle Sync E also is being added into many apps and hopefully soon 3rd Party hardware. But at least with the Sync E you also get real TC I/O that can be synced up with other systems.
  22. https://wavreport.com/2018/05/31/3d-printing-for-location-sound-database/ The guys over at WavReport put out a mega article that list out all the audio gear you and 3D print.
  23. So Vincent is spot on here. And as for the Deity Connect system sending out messages to hold WiFi back from pulsing, thats actually a system built into the WiFi Protocol, not built into ours. When I say- "Wifi Networks and routers are beta signals. They take pulsing cues form outside RF factors/signals and accommodate them. I.E. our signal tells them when they can pulse." The cues WiFi networks take is the presence of another signal. They too are constantly scanning to make sure their own signal is safe. Thats why things like the analog systems that operate in 2.4Ghz a
  24. Workflow = Turn the units on. Done. Seriously, thats it. The system handles the rest. Bootup time= Maybe 5 seconds? As for Worrying about "a very powerful Wifi network and/or being close to the router desensitize the deity system", Thats not a problem. Wifi Networks and routers are beta signals. They take pulsing cues form outside RF factors/signals and accommodate them. I.E. our signal tells them when they can pulse. So we aren't worried about WiFi protocol, no matter how powerful it is. When is it going to be available? Q1 2019.
  25. A display icon or meter or something that gives a a peak under the hood when it comes to hoping... wouldn't help you. The refresh rate on the OLED is far to slow to keep up with the hops or any kind of hardcore data you'd think you'd want. By the time we could show it on the OLED it would be roughly 20-25 hops out of date and you could potentially hopped onto the same frequencies and logged them to the history log 4-5 times depending on if its a core channel. And as soon as we'd update the OLED, it too would just flicker as fast as the refresh rate could go because we'd be bouncing more info
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