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    I've been working in the eng/efp field as an audio tech for nearly 30 years (out of Chicago) I've been with one cameraman for the last 18 of those years. Most of our shoots are for the network magazine shows. My partner however, is moving towards retirement. And, I still have many years to go before that becomes an option for me. So, I'm getting back into the freelance world. And, several audio techs I know recommended I join this group, to help me get up to speed with what's going on in the mad, mad, mad, world of audio production.
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  1. I primarily do run and gun eng/doc work. When grabbing my bag in a hurry I sometimes get my boom cable or headphone cable tangled in my bowties. Also, as much as I try to follow the 6ft rule, it just doesn't always work out in real world situations, and the antennas endup rubbing against someone. So, I really like the idea of velcroing the bowties to the front of my bag. But how much (if any) will that effect their reception?
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