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  1. Hey, Posting for a producer friend of mine. He is looking for a Sound mixer in Vegas this Sunday. Pm me if interested. Thanks, Nejc P
  2. In conclusion I asked for more money and a bigger kit rental. They came up 100 bucks on the kit total ($17 or so day) , but said they cant go up on the labor because that would be unfair to the other people on the shoot. I decided to pass on the job! Its really ashamed that on a shoot like that they cant even come up with a real kit rental.
  3. Thats what I figured. Thanks for the reply guys. I ll ask for more and see what happens.... And you are right its a shame that someone will take that... BC god only knows how much the actors are making and the camera rentals are....
  4. Hi Guys, I work mostly on Documentaries, Reality and corporate commercial type work. Recently I was offered a job for a week long pickup on a narrative show that usually films in Norway for a show on Nextflix. (Not House of Cards). The PM offered me $300 for 14hr day overtime after that. $900 for 6 days of equipment and $150 for expendables. $200 a day for a boom up. This sounds absurdly low to me and somewhat insulting actually. Maybe some of you guys who started off on smaller budget narrative shoots can chime in? Should I turn down the job or just make a counter offer? Is negotiating a more normal procedure on this types of things? For a 14 hr day I would expect at least $700 in labor alone... Or are rates on narratives just lower because you get to work with STAR ACTORS!!!!! Thanks ahead for all input. NP
  5. Thanks guys. I think I figured it out.... (Bad cable/connection) The few times it happened we were kinda in run and gun moments so I couldnt carry to much spare equipment with me to try and resolve the issue on the spot. I wish i would have also switched the mic to a 416 and have seen how that changed things... Next time.
  6. Thanks guys i will try a different cable and see if that helps things... The electronics were anything from Hard drives, computers to lights.
  7. Wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this before? Here is the set up: 788T/cl8 powerd by an NP-1 through a bds. Schoeps Cmit-5U is the mic. CC to internal CC on boom. First time working in Europe.... For the last two days whenever inside or close to electronics/power the mic starts making or picking up a crazy hum (maybe rf) noise which increases the closer you get it to electronics... But I have been shooting here in Italy for two weeks already and this just started happening... I have switched to a different cimt-5U once, same problem... Could it have something to do with the batteries being charged on a EU power grid? Bad Internal CC? Did i brake 2 blue schopes by plugging them in while the 788 was on... Any other ideas ? Thanks, Nejc P
  8. Industrial velcro works great. I did that with a 3 cam shoot for weeks and it keeps the cameras light. Which camera people obviously like!
  9. Just finished season 3 of Hard Time for Nat geo. Day playing here and there until hopefully some other shows start up.
  10. Hi, I am a sound mixer from DC and I am here in Cape town (South Africa) on vacation. I know a lot of movies are being shot here so I was wondering if any of you guys might be working on them? And if so could I drop by on set and say hello? That would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nejc P
  11. Hey, the lectro is blk 26. Zaxcom 21. I think you guys are both right its just probably something in the prison system. I was just seeing if there might be something else like a faulty transmitter. And yes I definitely need to get a wired mic its crazy that I dont have one with me. Thanks for the help, Nejc P
  12. I thought of that, but then why would the signal be totally fine for 30min and than go bad for a split second and then become good again. This has happened a few times now over the last few days. NP
  13. This happened to me with a B6 mic. I tried checking the mic by me yelling in it and I couldnt get it to distort but when I put it on the talent and they really screamed the distortion became apparent without the levels coming close to clipping. I would take the mic in and get it checked. Np
  14. So I ve been using, a Lectro MM400C Transmitter w/b6 mic and a 411 receiver. I am also working deep inside a prison walls so outside RF shouldn't really be the problem. Anyways we would be doing a sit down interview so I would be pretty close to the subject and everything would be working fine and all of a sudden I would see the RF bar on the 411 drop low and i would get a "hit" or a his on my wireless. And then all of a sudden everything would be back to normal working condition. Has anyone experienced anything like this before or might now the reason behind it? I should also mention I am going from my bag to the camera via zaxcom stereo. Thanks, Nejc P
  15. Hey manglerbmx. Just wanted to make sure but you actually had 2 G2 transmitters in your bag correct? One for each receiver on the camera. Or am I missing something? Nejc P
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