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  1. Soundwell

    Show me your bag

    Hi, sorry for not getting back to you earlier - long days... have a look at these links: http://www.audiowireless.co.uk/products/diversity-antenna-distribution-module and the IPS video from IBC 2016 https://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2016/video/182199247 It's a very well made product that just works.
  2. Soundwell

    Audio Wireless rf distribution

    Audio Wireless DADM 226 in Stingray Jr bag. It supports up to 6 Rx but it would be a bit of a squeeze.
  3. Soundwell

    Show me your bag

    My offering: SD633, Stingray Jr bag, AW DADM226, AW RX x4 + Wingman/iPad mini support rig
  4. For documentary shoot a choice of 5d camera is slightly problematic. However when using the camera I prefer dedicated top mic or g2 mono mix track for PE synching/ playback. Also I very successfully used TCB wifi master to display running time code on iOS devices so cam ops can self slate.. D
  5. Soundwell

    iPhone 6/Plus and FreqFinder

    Hi James, Yes That worked. Thanks.
  6. Soundwell

    iPhone 6/Plus and FreqFinder

    Hi newendian, Is this app temporarily taken off the App Store? The search for it on my iPad mini produces the FreqFinder by some German developer. Thanks. DM
  7. Soundwell

    wireless freqs in Armenia

    Hi Bendy, Unfortunately can't help you with Armenian freq but in London, UK to operate legally you'll need to use channel 38, 606-614 MHz and channel 70, 863-865 Mhz. For bodyworn packs power limit is 50 mW max. I hope you find this helpful.