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  1. The 833 offers quite a lot for it's price and was never intended to replace any of the bigger recorders. It still can be paired with a CL-12 and a lot of MCU controllers which are a lot cheaper compared to what the CL16 will most likely cost. So I don't really see any problem with the lack of support for the CL16. 🤷‍♂️
  2. This might be the reason they have this "hidden" connector (at 5:20):
  3. Used it last year for two months in that configuration and had no issues.
  4. Today I finally received a package with a 3d-print of a sunhood for the Wisycom MCR42 that I designed a few days ago. Maybe some of you are interested to 3d-print it yourself or make changes on the actual desgin (https://www.tinkercad.com/things/gixHGct25vD). It simply clips onto the wider part of the MCR housing and it seems like it doesn't do any damage by applying too much pressure to the MCR42. So far it's only a prototype and is not intended to work with something like the superslot or any other rackmount (though it could be altered).
  5. Haven't done any MS on the 633, but does the odd pan pot alter the proportion between mid and side signal? In that case this should be the solution to the stereo width (or does it alter the position of the overall MS signal in the panorama instead?)
  6. Looks and sounds promising AND avoids most of the usual german actors (which is great). Damn it. Just switched to amazon prime
  7. I always use the dropdown menues in the take screen for the reaons you mentioned. Used the PFL quick naming only once and went back to the take menue =/ Even though it's not named "quick naming" it's fast enough for me.
  8. K-Tek and Orca both make great bags. I wouldn't recommend Kortwich bags though, since they tend to look horrible after some time and they use way too much velcro to hold things together. So opening them always comes with a loud noise. Is there any rental house nearby where you can simply check out the bags and see which fits your needs best?
  9. Only worked once with it. Tried to send a scratch track which looked good on the meters and sounded good on the headphone-out. But the sound that was recorded sounded awful, like it had a limiter that's been hit way too hard, even though it always sounded nice during monitoring. Weird experience...
  10. Colin Hart built one of these some time ago. At the end of his article you'll find a pdf with some more in depth information: http://hartfx.net/newtest/2010/03/131/ And the finished mic with some recordings: http://hartfx.net/newtest/2010/03/how-my-sound-snooper-turned-out/
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