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    Ive been doing production audio in LA since May 2013 and I'm looking for any way to improve my kit and learn how to be better at my job. Currently trying to get an affordable powered kit.
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  1. Thanks everybody! I'll try using hush lavs. Jan I'll try the video conference soon, thank you. If the knot is loose have you been able to hide it in the knot but just go around the side instead of over the top and down? I'd worry about it falling out of course.
  2. I'm sure there's material here on this but with days of searching I can't seem to find any. My apologies if this is a newbie topic There are different ways to mic different types of ties. I've done it in the knot and ran the cord through the collar. Some ties are loose and it's harder to hide the wire so I would cut a small hole and feed the wire into the tie directly. Then of course there's inside the shirt under a button. I've found that the knot system sounds best but is hard to hide the wire. What are some of your favorite tie rigs for tight and loose ties? Please be descriptive and photos are awesome! I really need info on this since I haven't been able to get much mentorship just yet. Thank you for all your help!
  3. You guys rock! Im very glad i asked and will post a lot more.
  4. Anybody have any answers to the question? Something thats not from page one of a Ric Viers book?
  5. Im fairly new to the industry and this is my first day using this site
  6. After hearing how the Zaxcom TRX900 can record to a Micro SD for redundancy, I started wondering if there was a cheaper work-around. I have a Sound Devices MM-1 providing phantom power to my MKH-416, and the line out going to my Lectrosonics transmitter so I have a wireless boom. I want to add a recording option to that somehow so if theres any signal issues with my wireless I will have a backup. I know a splitter going into a Zoom would work, but is there a better option? Maybe something I can build to record to an SD card? All your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you
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