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  1. Hi everybody, due a co-production request I need to find a Belgian Boom Op. for a movie in italy (near Rome) starting sept. 8 for about 8 weeks. The movie is about the ancient Roman Empire and it will be shoot in the nature like woods and swamps... Mostly at night hours. Could anybody suggests any profile which is available and even confident with zaxcom devices? Unfortunately I don't speak french so he/her has to speak english... Thanx, Angelo Bonanni.
  2. Thank you very much Helmut, I'm so glad you appeared in this thread. Your explanation really satisfied me. I also agree with mr. Waxler that the most important thing is the way you use your tools but this is really helpful to have more answers. The attached file is a 2 KB file... is that correct?
  3. here is an email from Helmut, I think this is interesting. He says about using a FIR filter to re allign the phase : "Dear Angelo,the SuperCMIT has a frequency-dependent latency on ch1. This means that it cannot be compensated by a simple delay but only by a special FIR filter. If you want to mix wireless mics and the SuperCMIT exactly in phase, you would have to use this FIR filter. However, a small movement of the actor already would cause a change of this delay. For more info, see http://digital.schoeps.de/documents/Schoeps_Manual_SuperCMIT-DE-111007.pdfWe designed this latency so that the minimum latency is short for high frequencies so that you can listen to a live mix on headphones with some live leakage.In the experience of our users, this property is no disadvantage. Very seldomly, people ask, and I never heard of users that don't use the mic because of this.Best regards,Helmut" do you guys have any idea how about to use this filter?
  4. I would say it so. I'd love to hear from him about it, there is a german interview on Schoeps site but unfortunately I can't find the english translation.
  5. according its brochure on schoeps's web site the mic is also ideal for complex film sound applications...
  6. Yeah, It shouldn't but he says he wants to do that in some cases (??) ... He just noticed the other mics work in a different way. I was wondering if I had a problem with this mic. Thanx. It's exactly what I said him but he says that using other mics this is not happening, maybe he doesn't have clear what is doing thanx
  7. Hi everybody, the dialogue editor which is working in a movie I recorded using the Schoeps SCMIT (Output 1, Preset 1 non aggressive one) told me that it's impossible to phase it to wireless mics (Zaxcom + DPA4071). Has anybody else noticed same issues? I'm asking cause I'm trying to figure out if I got to service it. Thanx, Angelo.
  8. mr.incandenza


  9. I got news... I tried to put a CF in the DEVA II (!!!) using a CF to IDE adapter and guess what... It works! I mean... It records and playbacks everything but when I take off the card from the DEVA and connect to my mac it shows a volume called DEVA but there is nothing inside.What you guys think? I'm thinking to use it as a backup machine but I need to understand if I can get the files out of the card first.
  10. I got Panasonic LM-AF120LE, I really don't know if it's compatibile but I can't figure out how it couldn't. I know there are DVD-RAM 1.0 (5.15GB) and DVD-RAM 2.0 (4.7GB) could be that the difference?
  11. Hi everybody, I don't know if you can help me out but I have some files to pull out of the Deva II. Everything seems to working fine with my old SCSI DVD rom but when I try to format the DVD my Deva says SCSI DISK ERROR. Any suggestions? Thanx.
  12. any suggestion from the market for a passive splitter?
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