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  1. Worthless!! I have been a paid member for awhile now with ZERO response. I contacted MICAH M via telephone and we had a long conversation about his "service". This is apparently how it works: You fill out the profile and list your credits. They say they verify your credits through BASELINE. You cannot verify Basline's info about you and there is no directory of freelancers on SMU site. Micah told me that you need to continually update your profile with every single job you ever do, as their algorithm searches for the "most qualified" freelancer. This is total BS and I have responded to jobs that were a mere 3 miles from m y house, with NO response. I, too, have noticed that most of these jobs pay a sub-level fee, but even if you agree to the heavily discounted rate, you still don't get a response. Micah told me that the people that use his SMU service are people that are just filling job positions and they have no incentive to thank you for applying for the job or to tell you that you didn't get it in the first place. Micah says that he was once a freelancer himself, which I find hard to believe. Recently there were two jobs for the same company and I live right in the middle of the jobs. I explained all of that in my cover letter, but still, no reply. Either SMU is making up jobs that don't exist, or the PM doesn't know what they are doing. I tried to up my exposure by paying SMU more money, which Micah says is the best way to guarantee your exposure, and wasn't even able to do that. Their website wouldn't let me pay more to upgrade.!!! I sent another email to Micah and explained how the State Film Commission and Production Hub works, basically a directory of techs, and have received no reply. MIcah told me that the PM's for these inquiries could care less about who they are hiring. They are basically doing a cattle call for tech staff with no regard for who they hire. Sounds about right to me. I asked Micah in an email how my experience is noted on jobs that simply don't give you a credit. I do tons of corporate and live ENG style TV work that doesn't necessarily list credits....no response. I put this SMU outfit right under CL, lower, if possible. Lousy customer service, lousy jobs. I'm out!
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