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  1. EnotsMedia

    Rates, rates, rates

    Really...these guys are the ones asking for these low ball rates? I used to love watching their snowboarding vids..great stuff. But those rates are shit. Walk away is all you can do.
  2. EnotsMedia

    HN-7506 or something else

    Mine came with the Sony convert adapter...1/8”-1/4”.
  3. EnotsMedia

    bluetooth sound box

    Seriously...the sound is so clean, deep bass, crisp highs. I can’t believe I never heard of them before seeing this thread. Also there’s something so familiar and comforting about it being made out of a Pelican. Maybe it’s that we use them day in and out....I do have to add that one of the most underrated features is no ANNOYING start up / pairing tone or music. It’s just on or off. Like it should be. Definitely a great addition to my kit!
  4. EnotsMedia

    HN-7506 or something else

    Don’t forget the “Softies” for the HN-7506’s!...my headphones of choice for most of my shoots - construction/build/renovation world.
  5. EnotsMedia

    Countryman B6 caps?

    Appreciate the clear Nail Polish tip. Going to give it try on m B3’s & B6’s...
  6. EnotsMedia

    bluetooth sound box

    Just picked up a DemerBox! They have some deals on “scratch and dent” models...I mean it’s a Pelican...how “scratch and dent” could it be...hit them up!
  7. EnotsMedia

    bluetooth sound box

    Whoa, Love this DemerBox! Got to get one. Thanks for putting it on my radar. Music is life when I’m on the road!
  8. EnotsMedia

    recommendations for double-sided tape for plastic mounts

    I 2nd TOPSTICK, easy to cut -or even rip. And very affordable. I like the Rycote stickies, but only whenever I use the Rycote OverCovers. Ialways have a few Concealers pre “sticky” then just peel the back off and go. And you can even re- stick more Topstick on top of itself in a pinch and its ready to go.
  9. EnotsMedia

    Mozegear Qbit-- Really small sync box....

    Just a quick chime about the Qbit XL. Been using them for a few weeks, zero problems on F55, C300 and Fs7 Cameras. From freezing temps in the Pocono Mountains, to high humidity of indoor water parks the XL played nice. Also used the Denecke TS-C slate as well and all was rock solid. Battery life was pretty much 30hr, I could have used the Hirose to D tap to power, but battery life did not disappoint. 1/4-20 mounting hole is a nice touch. Purchased two to replace, my three Denecke SB3’s, will probably keep one SB3 just in case. I really like the way it jams In/ Out on a single BNC connection. The LED’s are super bright and would be nice to have a lower light setting, but I just mount it with LED’s facing camera body and can fully “see” what it’s doing w ambient light reflecting.
  10. EnotsMedia

    Signing out comteks

    We all know it’s tough out there. We do what we can, but things break, thing get lost, and sometimes things get stolen. I don’t like the idea of a tote full Comteks sitting at VV just open for the taking, that in my humble opinion, is a recipe for lost/ missing comteks. Obviously if we are talking about 21 Comteks...we need and A2/ Utility or a dedicated PA to Deal with that mess. I can handle about 10 and after that I need a wrangler. It’s just too much. Walkies are, at least in my world, handed out labeled, numbered and if lost it’s kind of a big deal. The labels work for me, I think it looks Professional and it definitely ties ownership into whatever I’m giving out. TX, IFB, etc... of course one size doesn’t fit all.
  11. EnotsMedia

    Signing out comteks

    Yo know...it’s a bit silly but, I combat this by a quick label with their last name on the Comtek. I think it sends a message that I’m keeping tabs on my gear and I know who I gave it to. Even though I probably don’t...as they are the last bit of gear I round up.
  12. EnotsMedia

    Necessities For Every Soundbag

    Altoids! Always!..when I'm at half a can, time to Re-Up. Peppermint only please!. 4- Pack of Li AA's, One Li 9vt, Sisccors, small sewing kit, Decent earbuds, Tums ( I work a bit of Food Shows), Top Stick. Moleskin, Hush Lavs, small black safety pins, twin tip black Sharpie and a Gerber. These are just a few things I ALWAYS have at an arms reach, just in case I'm away from my mothership for too long.
  13. EnotsMedia

    SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    I also used SNA600's with my RFmulti and all was fine, then Up'd my game to Lectro ALP620's and it's been amazing( 3 SR's, 3 411's) ...however whenever I switch back to the SNA600's (smaller run bag setup/ dump the 411's) they don't seem to play nice any more. I would try and get a different antenna (LPDA?) into play and if problems persist I wonder about the RF Multi... also try to disconnecting (one at a time) each sma input to RFMulti, it may pinpoint if theres a bad sma cable, or connection. I assume scans are clear when on whips, just not enough range for you? Just my 2cents...
  14. EnotsMedia

    Using the CL-12 with 664

    I use an inexpensive USB power bank, (5000mah), velcro it to the back of CL12 w/ super short Right Angle Micro USB cable. Lasts 3 full days no problem.
  15. EnotsMedia

    SMQV storage

    I pack my SMQV's in drink Koozies. The TX's stay nice and snug w/ a little piece of foam stuffed in between the two of them. Then you can put them in the lectro pouch or wherever. Mine are stored in front pouch of my audio bag ready for deployment. Clients always get a laugh at the different Koozies I have.