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  1. Obviously not load tester, but I use this guy a good bit just to quickly check the levels on my Powerex AA’s... simple and works great. And...like you I get a pile of slightly used AA Li’s going and just want to know where they are at level wise, quickly determines what I feel comfortable using them in. D-FantiX Digital Battery Tester for AAA AA C D 9V 1.5V, Household Battery Checker Tester for Small Batteries Button Cell (Model: BT-168D) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014FEM21G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3mHZCbM5CBXQS
  2. 3x SRB PSC RF MULTI SNA600a keeping things tidy and clean with NiteIze cable ties on each SMA run, RF Multi fits snug in the Stingray but is easily accessible to switch over to the ALP 650’s when in cart mode. , SNA’s fold up slim within the bag design. Nothing crazy, but it works well for my needs.
  3. Hot and Humid - loose, wicking T shirt (Patagonia Capilene is my jam), loose pants if it’s buggy, swampy, high grass. I only use bug spray when absolutely necessary. Comfortable shoes (you know your feet ) and extra change of socks helps for super swamp days. And always, always look for shade and stay there if possible. Favorite hat if you can’t be in the shade.
  4. Thanks Dave! It never occurred to me to see if they can make custom length. Going to reach out.
  5. Any suggestions on a case to hold a 63” Ambient carbon boom pole (collapsed length)? Not into the PVC DIY thing, and the Usual Suspects dont seem to have anything to hold a pole that size. It doesn't have to be a hard case for air travel. This is close...and a top contender. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D2WIJVA/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_DOuUBb3T5W8M0 I’ve used a smaller version of this one for years and it’s great...but not sure i want the unnecessary extra length. Right now it’s lives in a DIY cardboard tube (Painted black and a little Gaff for strength ), clearly disrespectful for a pole of its stature. Just curious what anyone else is doing?
  6. This. I always try and get away from the wireless scratch track on the camera and instead push a MKH60 or 416 on camera for a scratch and I always have a TC lock it as well. Cam Op’s Always seem to like the Comtek feed (from belt pack ) over having headphones attached to camera and monitoring. But...it does seem like DP wants into your sandbox too...not cool.
  7. Yeah, totally agree...we all have our own style. It’s just I could spend all day fighting the DPA or just grab a different mic and be done. (That sound though!! So awesome! ) Seriously I was so excited to get the DPA’s, I picked up 2 (Slim & 4060) as a test to see if I wanted 8-10 to be in full time rotation. Nope. I’ve bought many many lav’s over the years and I can’t remember any cable changes in my Sanken or Countryman. Seems like if DPA changed the cables they would use it in their marketing..”hey guys remember those hard/ stiff cables we had for years...well we finally have an awesome cable now!” Appreciate your $$ But hey, live and learn. Never stop learning. “Older DPA's has that stiff cable; new ones are very soft and not so much glossy feeling as the older ones.” Excately....mine are BOTH glossy...
  8. Well....I recently picked up two of my first DPA lavs to add to my collection, a 4061 Slim and 4060. I was literally blown away at the sound they reproduce. Just wow. I use them mainly in the “concealers,” and I have yet to deploy the button mount on the slim. I use Sanken Cos-11d’s, and Countryman B3’/ B6’ lavalieres extensively and have been happy, but that DPA sound. Wow. However...the cable material on the DPA is terrible in my opinion. It’s a very STIFF cable, not like the softer/ supple material used in the Sanken or the Countryman. What I’ve noticed is -at least in my eyes, NOT ears is that I can see the cable whenever it’s hidden. It’s like it just doesn’t Flex right, so any movement and I’ll see a little “cable bump” come and go... It’s like I always want to use my DPA’s but every time I put it on...it comes off in 5 min because I just can’t stand to see the cable. Wardrobe is a slim T Shirt, forget the DPA, button down...we’ll see. Polo shirt...maybe. Does the cable “soften” up over time? No idea. Whenever It works, DAYUM that sound is AMAZING and I love it. Just my opinion...
  9. Really...these guys are the ones asking for these low ball rates? I used to love watching their snowboarding vids..great stuff. But those rates are shit. Walk away is all you can do.
  10. Mine came with the Sony convert adapter...1/8”-1/4”.
  11. Seriously...the sound is so clean, deep bass, crisp highs. I can’t believe I never heard of them before seeing this thread. Also there’s something so familiar and comforting about it being made out of a Pelican. Maybe it’s that we use them day in and out....I do have to add that one of the most underrated features is no ANNOYING start up / pairing tone or music. It’s just on or off. Like it should be. Definitely a great addition to my kit!
  12. Don’t forget the “Softies” for the HN-7506’s!...my headphones of choice for most of my shoots - construction/build/renovation world.
  13. Appreciate the clear Nail Polish tip. Going to give it try on m B3’s & B6’s...
  14. Just picked up a DemerBox! They have some deals on “scratch and dent” models...I mean it’s a Pelican...how “scratch and dent” could it be...hit them up!
  15. Whoa, Love this DemerBox! Got to get one. Thanks for putting it on my radar. Music is life when I’m on the road!
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