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  1. You spelled URX50 wrong... (sorry guys.... had to just for the clicks😂)
  2. And I’ll reply with his other JW famous line... Depends. miss those senator days.... touché Rado!🙂
  3. Doc- Thank you for these examples of when two channels in in one ear are useful. I’m a curious person and your insight and knowledge is very helpful. I’m aware of how the adapter works, its more of the “Why/ Need” to hear two channels in One ear...with the Sidekick. Obviously the Field Monitor and the Sidekick are similar products, albeit at different price points but at the core they are designed for the same applications. The info on the Senn and Shure IEM’s not accepting a mono mix and the fact that they are European based (as is BBI) is interesting... I’m seei
  4. I do not doubt your soldering skills. Mine are more like, sure I can do it, but I certainly am not wearing my trademark smile. I was never hired based on my soldering skill set. Remote location, gear goes down and something needs soldered. I got you fam, my solder kit is ALWAYS with me. And...if it was that easy to solder why wouldn’t BBI offer that as option? Simple solution right, It only takes 5 minutes...apparently. the whole point of this forum is share knowledge and ask questions. No other user has chimed in that has used the Comtek PR216 and Sidekick.
  5. But now, we the JWSound community are aware of this issue.... and knowing is half the battle......G.I. JOE!
  6. Well...right 100%. But when time is money and I’ve already spent $300 on an earpiece.....have you SEEN the Sidekick ? The wires are thin as silk. So in your professional opinion, a $2 adapter is BETTER then a soldered connection? Yikes! Adding an adapter, 100% adds a point of failure. This is logic. Again. As a professional was able to solved the problem in field and move on. I did not purchase the product we the intention of having to ADAPT it to my IFB system. Nowhere on BBI’s site or my USUAL SUSPECTS had any information about this issue.
  7. -Doc- Appreciate the insight. When I had my issues I stared at my HT Field Monitors and was like ...these are the same product- doing the same thing. Why you not work? I mean it took all but 5 min to figure out my issue with the Sidekick/ Comtek , but the WHY has been much longer and interesting... - quote - ~For the people who really want to listen to two channels on audio in a single ear, we include a mono-stereo adapter in the package. This is mostly for camera operators who don’t have menu control over what they’re monitoring, or for dailies editors who hate headph
  8. Rado- Absolutely agree on the sound quality of Comteks. BUT, just so we are CLEAR because these terms are sometimes used ~mistakenly ~ interchangeably and not to get lost in translation. IFB- is a monitoring and cueing system used in television, filmmaking, video production, and radio broadcast for one-way communication from the director or assistant director to on-air talent. IEM: -devices used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles to listen to music or to hear a personal mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio m
  9. Just wanted to follow up and say that the team at Bubblebee were VERY good about reaching out to me with my concerns/ issues I had with their product and Comtek (as was my “usual suspect dealer”.) The Sidekick sounded SO nice, clean and clear. Absolutely comfortable to wear (the talent forgot they even had in), and it is completely hidden on camera. Unfortunately putting a $2 adapter in between two $300 pieces of professional audio equipment to get them to work nicely doesn’t bode well with me. In a pinch sure...as SOP no thanks. I returned my unit for a refund. I would love
  10. I love my 4097, works fantastic as a plant mic. Did a few tests with the Rycote cover, Not the easiest to deploy and doesn’t ever feel stable...it does work but is not elegant. I like to say the 4097 is the Go Pro of mics with all of the mounts available for it. The mag mount is SUPER strong. I’ve used the 4097 with my Lectro PDR In some heavy equipment and it was rock solid. Personally I would utilize a PDR in this type of setup...less cables, easy client setup, solid reliable professional grade recorder, and two tracks, one -18db if needed and you have a backup/ sync track available on the
  11. Thank you for this explanation. Helpful. BUT....if you purchased a single ear earpiece, labeled MONO....would it be silly to think it would NOT work with a Comtek? - see my frustration? It appears that there isn’t any Sidekick variety that works w/ a Comtek w/o using a mono adapter. Using an adapter, in my professional opinion, Using a mono adapter is the standard procedure for making stereo wired headphones play in phase with the Comtek mono connection adds a break/ failure point in the system. I would think that with the few IFB systems we use (Lectro/ SENN/ COMTEK) that the
  12. Thanks Rado...this all makes sense in words...but where are these options located- Not on the BB site.(or my usual suspects site) Sure i know I can get anything custom made..Why would it be wrong to think a MONO earpiece would not work on an MONO output -comtek? Rado-do you/ have you used the Sidekick w/ comtek 216? If you can please post a pic of the magical cables you speak of. Thanks!
  13. Rick, sorry I was incorrect and you are correct, the cable is TRS, but my feeling is that if the earpiece is sold as “mono” shouldn’t the 1/8” be TS, for mono? Or...
  14. Anyone using the Bubblebee Sidekick (ver 1) with a Comtek 216 RX? It appears it doesn’t want to play nice. No sound at all coming through. Tried multiple RX’s, no luck. Sidekick seems to be functioning, tried direct connection to headphone out of mixer (664) and also works connected to iPhone. So unit is functioning. BB says the Sidekick has a “universal 1/8” jack” and looks to be TRRS ....not TRS.. and current unit is “Left Ear/ Mono.” Using a Mono adapter on the Sidekick “fixes” the issue but not ideal or what i expected. Comtek 216 Rx is mono out ...so what am I missing? My dealer is look
  15. Not much to make out....It’s just a 3D printed cap. I had quite a few breaks on the straight style connectors, this relieves the pressure point and the cable direction feels more natural.
  16. Loving the Low Life, got some low profile TA5F whipped up for my DPA6061’s.
  17. I use Gotham Sound low pro jumpers, no problems ever. Super thin XLR cable has never failed me, even the set I use for camera mic use, and they get a lot of abuse. 10/10 recommend.
  18. That Micro usb is very fragile, for what it’s worth I use a short right angle micro usb - usb a , to a power bank for my CL12. I feel there’s less protruding with the right angle connection.
  19. Sorry for the self promotion. But I’ve been told a few times that my site “works” pretty good. ....I update it every so often. I feel it’s something that’s needed, but I’m not a fan of keeping up with it. Appreciate any thoughts. www.enotsmedia.com
  20. I used mine a few times to get a clean feed from a board at sporting events. It was nice not to worry about it for 5hrs then just batt swap and re jam. Same events I’ve used it as a ambient recording with a PS1-A and a MKH60. Again, set It and forget it. I’ve also used it to record some quick guitar/ keyboard jams to listen back (via 1/8”) while driving to get a feel/ ideas on how to progress... it’s a nice little unit to have on hand, so small and robust. Great addition to my kit.
  21. Regarding the distortion, I would check your monitor (headphone) level to make sure it’s not cranked too high- especially on a Reno show. Sometimes we tend to crank it higher to hear things then it can affect how high your mix and iso are set. (I like mine at -6db/- 4db using Remote Audio HN headphones, but to each his own.) I run my mix lower and iso’s Hotter, Just a thought. And for the Sony WX hop prob, ditch them, I always talk production out of a mix track/ hop whenever I can. You are more then likely overloading the 411 fronts by having the Sony TX so close -even low power and away
  22. Obviously not load tester, but I use this guy a good bit just to quickly check the levels on my Powerex AA’s... simple and works great. And...like you I get a pile of slightly used AA Li’s going and just want to know where they are at level wise, quickly determines what I feel comfortable using them in. D-FantiX Digital Battery Tester for AAA AA C D 9V 1.5V, Household Battery Checker Tester for Small Batteries Button Cell (Model: BT-168D) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014FEM21G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3mHZCbM5CBXQS
  23. 3x SRB PSC RF MULTI SNA600a keeping things tidy and clean with NiteIze cable ties on each SMA run, RF Multi fits snug in the Stingray but is easily accessible to switch over to the ALP 650’s when in cart mode. , SNA’s fold up slim within the bag design. Nothing crazy, but it works well for my needs.
  24. Hot and Humid - loose, wicking T shirt (Patagonia Capilene is my jam), loose pants if it’s buggy, swampy, high grass. I only use bug spray when absolutely necessary. Comfortable shoes (you know your feet ) and extra change of socks helps for super swamp days. And always, always look for shade and stay there if possible. Favorite hat if you can’t be in the shade.
  25. Thanks Dave! It never occurred to me to see if they can make custom length. Going to reach out.
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