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  1. My SMQV/ 6061’s w/ (DPA) microdot-TA5f adapter tickle the red at mid/ high 30’s.
  2. DONE. Thank you Jeff. JWSOUND is such a valuable resource and a great community.
  3. Personally I think these two mics match very closely. I use them together mostly during sit downs interviews (along with 6061/4061’s) and love the sound (match). The CMIT obviously has the benefit of built in High Pass filters and the 4017c does not. I’ve thought about getting a 4017b but really can’t justify it with the nice sound the CMIT produces. 90% of the time if I’m swinging a boom it’s my 4017c at the end. There should be no issues at all in Post.
  4. while this isn’t what you describe seeing years ago …I did find these two options(links below) …not sure if any of these would work. Honestly though…how much water is too much…I would think simply covering the battery slider door (Denecke TS-c) with some water proof tape and just putting it back into the cordura bag it comes with would keep it pretty dry in most rain/snow/ storm conditions. Or are we talking it needs to withstand “floating in the ocean”? https://www.trewaudio.com/product/mto-slateslicker/ https://www.gothamsound.com/product/slate-rain-cover?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIst2uq-f19QIVmsizCh3FuQNyEAQYAiABEgIjm_D_BwE
  5. The lightest bag is no doubt going to be any bag with a Zaxcom Nova……BUT sometimes it’s not the weight of your bag but how strong your core muscles and back are. Yoga, Healthy diet and just general exercise helped me EXTREMELY well. I constantly think about getting a lighter combo of SD633 or 833 / LECTRO SRC’s but I know from years of experience that it’s not going to be MUCH lighter then my 664/ 3x SRC’s, ant distro, IFB, batts and cables when you add it all up. Sure the “footprint” of a 633 or 833 will be smaller but weight difference will be minimal. A Nova setup will win in a Weight contest hands down any day. Best advice is take care of your core and back with basic stretches/ yoga. Sit the bag down whenever you can, don’t try to be a hero and wear it all day. I also carry a small run bag (extra TX’s/ Lav’s, batts, cables etc ) I’ll drop wherever so I don’t carry anything unnecessary. Stay hydrated and stay limber. Good luck!
  6. maybe something like this? https://sanken-mic.com/upload/pdf/en/cms-7s.pdf
  7. Thanks Jim! Yeah, after a few minutes you can really see Sting open up and really relax and enjoy the conversation. The whole shoot was just super smooth, zero issues at all. I absolutely love the sound of my DPA’s, very natural to my ears. Personally I would have used more 4017c during the performances but those 6061’s do the job.
  8. I know we have quite a few musicians - or a least a few who dabble in that world- in this group and I thought y'all might enjoy this piece I worked on. I really enjoyed Ricks interviewing skills and Sting and Dom really seemed to enjoy themselves. Definitely not your typical fluff piece, Plus bonus cameo of me at the end! Microphones used: DPA 6061' (x3) DPA 4017c DPA 4097 Scheops CMIT5u
  9. ~I'd love to try the DPA one as I use their stuff a lot and really like it~ ~The DPA also really interests me as I use DPAs in lots of other ways, my Lavs are all DPAs too~ I absolutely LOVE all my DPA microphones…i have the CMIT5u and it pairs nicely with my 4017c to my ears. The size and reach is pretty intense for how short this mic is, some have commented about handling issues but I haven’t had any. My Lav’s are 6061’s and 4060’s and then I’ll toss out my 4097’s at any chance I get. The sound is just….perfect. My only regret with my DPA’s is that I didn’t jump on them sooner….I was Sanken cos-11s for many years. Then I went fully in with DPA and haven’t looked back. the 416 is a champ…absolutely can’t go wrong. I only sold mine after not using it as much due to already having a MKH60…and CMIT5u…and 4017c…etc ….you get the idea… but of course as everyone said. It’s a very personalized choice and definitely defines your sound. Good luck!
  10. The Rycote wind jammer did NOT work at all for me. Totally film flam. NEVER stayed on, BUT that Bubblebee 4097 SE is the the JAM. Easy to use, and great wind protection. Interesting….
  11. No disrespect, but whenever I see someone doing the head-boom- hold- move I just think amateur hour… but each their own. I mean “maybe” for a quick arm rest/ repo but for extended holding, there are better ways. Again no disrespect, you do you!
  12. I have two of the JL2-Plus chargers (Blue) and they work great and this was a big selling point for me when upgrading my batteries to the NP-9X. I know “of” the older grey style IDX NP1 chargers but thought it was NiCad only, I do not know if it’s compatible. My assumption would be if it’s has “JL2-Plus” on the chassis (Grey or Blue model) it should work. According to the note on IDX website… https://idxtek.com/products/np-9x “NP-9X is still compatible with all current accessories and chargers like the JL2-Plus” but when in doubt give’m a shout!
  13. I picked up two of these to supplement my LS7’s. So far they rock. Ive used the D tap to charge my IPad/ phone and TC boxes. I picked up a small D tap to USB on Amazon, just in case I don’t want to tap off my BDS USB power. I have yet to put them through a full day of my standard power hungry setup (664/8 SRB’s/ CL12 ) but I did run it for 12hrs running my 664 / 1 Srb and it was 75% at wrap! I also really like that they come with rubber covers for the power pins and that the old JL2 charger works to charge them.
  14. @ PMC nice find with the Williams Pouch. I like it! Quick search didn’t yield any results, i might shoot them an email and see if they have any old stock laying around. @bcopenhagenI have yet to find anything better (cost effective/ performance) then the $9 Comtek belt clips. I always have a stock on hand for the inevitable break. ive tried a few of the K-tek pouches, while very nice design, they didn’t last much longer then the $9 OG Comtek clips. Your mileage may vary of course depending on the Production. https://ktekpro.com/news/protective-stingray-pouch-comtek-receivers/
  15. Bummer you’re having difficulty with the BBI concealers. I’ve been using them for awhile now and absolutely love them. I mainly use them with my DPA 6061’s and 4061’s with no issues at all on T Shirts, ties mounts, bra’s etc. I have used them with Sanken Cos-11’s a few times and usually remove the front bumper wire thing - so it’s only the Rubber mount - just because I feel it’s bulky on that lav size, but always had the same results, just perfect. + 1 on the spacer method w/ an Overcover as well.
  16. I use that Rycote windjammer with my 4097, it’s.....ok. Doesn’t always feel like it’s secure, there’s a snap like button that sorta holds if you get it just right. I really wish there was another option. I did pickup some Bubblebee Industries “Piece of Fur” to DIY something better....
  17. I did a little DIY with mine. Cut the old rubber off, cut up some soft Italian leather I had laying around then secured with topstick. Did that about 8 years ago, been holding strong since. Seams are close enough for me...
  18. You spelled URX50 wrong... (sorry guys.... had to just for the clicks😂)
  19. And I’ll reply with his other JW famous line... Depends. miss those senator days.... touché Rado!🙂
  20. Doc- Thank you for these examples of when two channels in in one ear are useful. I’m a curious person and your insight and knowledge is very helpful. I’m aware of how the adapter works, its more of the “Why/ Need” to hear two channels in One ear...with the Sidekick. Obviously the Field Monitor and the Sidekick are similar products, albeit at different price points but at the core they are designed for the same applications. The info on the Senn and Shure IEM’s not accepting a mono mix and the fact that they are European based (as is BBI) is interesting... I’m seeing a market based decision in the design. Which is completely fine, of course. I have no doubt I’ll be coming back for a Sidekick 2 at some point - it’s an amazing product, but sans Comtek. Thanks Rado! /s
  21. I do not doubt your soldering skills. Mine are more like, sure I can do it, but I certainly am not wearing my trademark smile. I was never hired based on my soldering skill set. Remote location, gear goes down and something needs soldered. I got you fam, my solder kit is ALWAYS with me. And...if it was that easy to solder why wouldn’t BBI offer that as option? Simple solution right, It only takes 5 minutes...apparently. the whole point of this forum is share knowledge and ask questions. No other user has chimed in that has used the Comtek PR216 and Sidekick. So. I am sharing information about a previously UNKNOWN issue with products that ~ some - of us use. This information will certainly help someone, I’m sure of it. The best answer anyone has is, fix it yourself or use an adapter. I’m sorry but but these are not the Driods you’re looking for.... I could not have checked more boxes when researching this product, I called and talked to my Usual Suspects about the application of the unit. I searched and watched all reviews about said product. I read and re read all of the information on the BBI site about said product. Comteks are certainly wired differently to say the least. I’m just saying if I was bringing a product to market I certainly would’ve tested all compatibility with IFB’s that are WIDELY used in our industry. Clearly Doc Justice did and chose a different path with the Field Monitor. information is power. That’s all I’m saying my dude.
  22. But now, we the JWSound community are aware of this issue.... and knowing is half the battle......G.I. JOE!
  23. Well...right 100%. But when time is money and I’ve already spent $300 on an earpiece.....have you SEEN the Sidekick ? The wires are thin as silk. So in your professional opinion, a $2 adapter is BETTER then a soldered connection? Yikes! Adding an adapter, 100% adds a point of failure. This is logic. Again. As a professional was able to solved the problem in field and move on. I did not purchase the product we the intention of having to ADAPT it to my IFB system. Nowhere on BBI’s site or my USUAL SUSPECTS had any information about this issue.
  24. -Doc- Appreciate the insight. When I had my issues I stared at my HT Field Monitors and was like ...these are the same product- doing the same thing. Why you not work? I mean it took all but 5 min to figure out my issue with the Sidekick/ Comtek , but the WHY has been much longer and interesting... - quote - ~For the people who really want to listen to two channels on audio in a single ear, we include a mono-stereo adapter in the package. This is mostly for camera operators who don’t have menu control over what they’re monitoring, or for dailies editors who hate headphones.~ I’d like to hear of more examples when two channels in a single ear is needed. As a mixer, I’m in control of what is sent - and thus heard - in the IFB. Is the answer as simple as it sounds...no mixer no control? Maybe it’s a different workflow for sound mixers across the pond, I don’t know, just curious. I’d be willing to bet that, at least in the US, the top two IFB’s used by Production Sound Mixers (not IEM’s) are Lectrosonics and COMTEK. Not that there aren’t others (Zaxcom / Wisycom, etc) but Lectro/ Comtek are ubiquitous in my experience in the field. My decision that led me to the Sidekick was that I needed an “invisible” cueing system for the talent. Even with the Comtek it sounded FANTASTIC, and was INVISIBLE. It was just the use of the adapter that was the issue.
  25. Rado- Absolutely agree on the sound quality of Comteks. BUT, just so we are CLEAR because these terms are sometimes used ~mistakenly ~ interchangeably and not to get lost in translation. IFB- is a monitoring and cueing system used in television, filmmaking, video production, and radio broadcast for one-way communication from the director or assistant director to on-air talent. IEM: -devices used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles to listen to music or to hear a personal mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. So one of these NEEDS to be high quality sound, the other not so much.
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