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  1. No, they lose a little charge a day or two after you charge them. They have a minimum and a maximum capacity.
  2. By the way, how do you guys recharge your batteries? You use them completely before recharging or with charge left?
  3. My K-tek Avalon collars are destroying the K-tek gloves I got from pro-sound . They are coarse compared to the Klassic. The good thing about this is that it makes it easier to expand and collapse. The bad thing is that I like the feel of the Klassic collars better. I never used an internal cabled pole before getting my Avalon, but just after a few hours I got used to it and rid of the noise. Didn't try other brand yet
  4. I just ran around my house with the Invision, a 416 and a softie and didn't hear any noise from the suspension. Only footsteps and breath.
  5. They are a customizable version of the DT 770 and usually more expensive
  6. Hello, If using a headphone monitor with a XLR pass-through like the Rolls PM55P, does it matter if I am using cables with a different brand, spec? If not, then in which case using different cables can become a problem? Until now I have only used one cable from source to equipment, unless going through mixers or preamps. Thanks.
  7. I use some JK 044. There is some comparison in youtube. I find it better than the me2. I have used the sanken cos 11d rented and even though they are very good, I found these chinese to be a better match to Sennheiser mics. I will be holding them until I have the cash for DPA.
  8. Got this response from Rode: "As you'll see form the web page it does in fact ship with the Rode Lavalier microphone (while it is not included on the web page I would assume it will also ship with the micon-1 adapter in order to be able to connect the LAV to the transmitter)." So it is the Rode Lavalier and the connector is a Sennheiser locking 3.5mm. Regarding the sound, I have seen and used chinese lavalier that sounds better than Rode, Sennheiser ME 2 and even Sanken. Haven't seen one that sounds better than a DPA though. And they are cheap. But they are also much more fragile and less durable. Sometimes price don't change sound quality but almost always changes build quality.
  9. Caio

    First mic - 416 or 50

    I have been wondering that myself. The 416 is very popular and has the toughness fame. But isn't the 50 as tough as the 416?
  10. Caio

    First mic - 416 or 50

    Nice, I will travel in the beggining of March. I didn't find much used gear on the TAI website, so maybe they don't post everything. Also, Pro sound doesn't have a MKH 50 on the used section of their website, they also don't say which store each gear belongs to. Anyway, 1 or 2 weeks before going to the USA I will send a message. I will arrive and leave US through Fort Lauderdale's airport (coincidence)
  11. Caio

    First mic - 416 or 50

    Here in Brazil we basically use Sennheiser. There are some Neumann (mostly studio) and almost no Schoeps. I have seen DPA lavs. Recently Rode is becoming very popular, it is easier and cheaper to find, and you can pay 12x. So if I want a NTG 3 to go with the 50, I could buy it here. The main reason is Technical Assistance and Warranty. There is Sennheiser, Neumann and Rode support. The other reason is climate. Also, being my first mic, I think I am already spending too much going higher than $1000. I thought about getting used mics, but I am going to Florida only, and my options are limited. Shipping to hotel doesn't really seem a good idea.
  12. Hi, I have been using the ME66/K6 most of the time and sometimes a 416. Now I am going to the USA and have the opportunity to buy my own mic. The 416 do sell here in my country for twice the price ($2000), like every other gear that I can find, but I can't find a new or used MKH 50 to buy. I would have to import and pay 60% plus other taxes (eg: 788t = $11,069) I was thinking of getting the MKH 50 to use both indoors and outdoors with a rycote WS2 or a Small Super Shield. Later I could perhaps buy an 8060 that could even fit the same rycote. But many have had problems with the 8060 and say the "416 is a must have in every kit". I will be shooting around 75% indoors 25% outdoors.
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