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  1. Thanks everyone- as usual, your collective input was on point. I ended up tapping into the comm system, burying a mic in the earpiece of the headset, and attaching one to the boom arm of the headset- there was just the pilot, doing a "standup" of sorts, or a presenter to camera, if you will. When I got everything back on the ground, the best sound seems to be predominantly using the lav on the boom arm of the headset, mixed with some of the comm system/headphone mic (those two sounded so similar playing back on the laptop speakers, but the comm system alone was exactly as you mentioned: distractingly gated. Thanks for your valuable input/affirmation! Cheers. Marc
  2. Agreed on all points, thanks guys. I can't be in the plane, so it's a wire an d drop the bag situation, which means I need to preemptively cover as many bases as I possibly can!
  3. Great advice, thanks for your input, I appreciate it.
  4. Hi, I have a shoot where I need to tap into the comm system of a civilian fixed wing aircraft- I have the Remote Audio adapter for civilian fixed wing aircraft, but I have zero experience with this and it's a plug and leave the bag scenario. How hot is the signal that comes out of the comm system- is it a line level signal? I'll try to get a lav taped to the headset as well, if possible to cover bases, but what else should I be looking out for? Thanks in advance. Marc
  5. Right on, I think the lack of Zaxnet is what's kept me from getting a Maxx, despite the fact that I have an IFB200.
  6. What about the ERX receivers? TC and scratch audio in a smallish lightweight box that weighs little with 2 lithiums in it.
  7. I bought a 416T on ebay, and shortly after bought a PSC Alphamix, also from eBay I believe. As soon as I could, I bought 2 Lectro 211 systems, and that kit served me pretty well for a quite a few years.
  8. I have one of those and I like it, but I am ideally looking for something lighter and less bulky- ideally the Storacell solution that does not tear my batteries up.
  9. I don't think bending the tabs out would work Derek- my holders are pretty firm and I feel like they bend right back into place or if too much pressure were applied, they may snap. I am picking up one of those modular ones Jason and will let you know what I think. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Brent. I thought about doing that with a dremel tool as well, good to know. I tried clipping the tab off of one and that's exactly what happened- it fell right out. I'll give that a shot. Thanks for that link Constantin- I thought I thoroughly searched Amazon but htat's the first I saw of these.
  11. Interesting find Eric- I'll have to look into that. THough I was looking for something smaller, say a 12 pack holder rather than a place for all my batts at once. Jason, those are the same exact ones, but I find them damaging the ends of the batteries. Have you noticed any nicks on the ends of your eneloops?
  12. I think it depends on what segment of the business you want to start in and gain experience. I got my start doing a lot of work for a guy who owned several camera and sound packages. He had mostly ENG and corporate type gigs for shitty to mediocre rates, but I wasn't undercutting and I got plenty of experience. I took a lot of that work for longer than I probably should have, but I wanted to make absolute certain that I had the proper experience for the gigs I would be taking (I got burned by a dying 9 volt early on in my career and lost a potentially great client because of it). When I felt that I was outgrowing the gigs and the rate, I began buying used gear of my own and putting the best package together that I could afford while renting and supplementing the rest I do some network stuff, corporate, web, reality (occasionally) doc, etc..., but not features or episodics. That being said, I am sure the landscape in Montana is different than New York. Best of luck. My $.02 Marc
  13. What are you guys using to carry rechargeable batteries? I've been using these yellow ones, which are fine for alkalines, but the pointed nub eventually tears the wrapping on the rechargeables with repeated use. I bought several of these other cheap carriers from the Container Store, but they are pretty poor construction and 2 have already broke on me. Looking forward to see what others are using. Marc ]
  14. I just emailed Howy- I was asking here and on the facebook group because it was after Zaxcom business hours and was wondering if I was missing something obvious. Thanks. Marc This is some of that weirdness... Zax.mov
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