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  1. Thanks for This. Had to knock one up quickly for shoot last couple of days when the camera didn’t show up with an adaptor c@ble
  2. So in summery, based on reading the replies - ‘neverclip’ doesn’t actually do that - It’s a tool that when used correctly ( which exactly how seems to be difficult to explain ) can help prevent clipping. Thus recordists with this facility, expect it to prevent clipping, run hot levels, and what you’re hearin’ is good old fashioned distortion from limiters. I presume this also because I went thru the same thing, and instead use gain staging ( and Sonosax limiters ) regards
  3. jozzafunk


    I was measuring cicadas nearing 90dB with a sound metering app earlier this year - some long days - whole feature at 1 location, historic house - the constant din was draining all the crew - The script was rewritten to try deal with the noise - it’s not finished yet so not sure of outcome post has best cicada atmos ever Soundfield thru a Sonosax sxst8
  4. jozzafunk


    What Phil said + tighter wilds if poss
  5. I just finished a gig where a certain HOD was called 48fps - moved twice as fast and did half as much
  6. Have you turned up the TC output level on the ERX - I jam my mozegear boxes from ERX but it needs to be at the highest level for them to register input. ive recently had issues jamming Alexa minis with ERXs and after some research including reading how someone did some testing recently and found the Zax tc output to be a bit lo fi and thus falling below Alexa tc spec - Perhaps similar situation with the mixpre requiring cleaner tc
  7. Yep there’s some dodgy energiser lithiums around for sure. I’ve recently had a few brand new packs that are all or some NG almost straight away - cant trust em anymore
  8. Nek minit - somebody's plugged DC into the audio
  9. I have neither so can't really comment sorry - tho have been using a 633 almost daily since they arrived in New Zealand, and find it to be superb - reliable / user friendly mostly / great upgrades / light / well specced If you want my 2 cents about those 2 - hard to say - 664 would cover most, if not all jobs I deal with - the additional options the 688 dsp provides don't seem worth the price difference but if you doing reality / panels regularly dugen would be invaluable I would say and I'd guess would pay for itself in a few days
  10. Interesting test - fairly apparent differences even just on the laptop, but very difficult to be objective - the Sonosax sounds so 3D!!
  11. Seems to be fairly large difference between the 2 just on the lappy speakers - not much bottom end on the me2, probably more lav than tx/rx, me2 1/4 of price of mke2
  12. Not at all, it's not rocket science, some stuff is better than other stuff, if you've got the option you use the better stuff - there's no point arguing subjectivity, that's what kicked off this conversation in the first place.
  13. What is your point? As I read it you were inferred a renowned recording artist recorded vox on lo-fi cheap gear, however you were completely mistaken, so er, what was the point being made? Anybody can use anything to do some sort of job, a pro / craftsperson will use the best gear they can. 633 preamps are better than f8 preamps / the difference is a very apparent difference that counts to a few people initially and many more down the line whether they know it or not / If you don't think initial quality counts you either have low production values, poor hearing, poor monitoring or haven't done much post mixing / they are also more expensive / you get what you pay for / technology is changing, you get more for less, not necessarily a good thing / there's a good reason vinyl is having a resurgence .... IMHO ( except for pre quality matter, that's just a fact ) I'll probably get a f8n as backup / extra tracks, but I would much rather 788 / 688 / nomad
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