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  1. 17 page walk and talk, not as dense as some of those - we were on a tracking vehicle, boom op had beta boom easyrig
  2. I've tried with 4098s a few times but the cubs always sounded better - the 4098s were very susceptible to noise from the car, less so when I used them without the cable, but still touchy
  3. I did a bunch of publicity videos for this - There wont be much of the original footage in the wild yet as it was in the vault until not long ago. Most of the audio is from mono 1/4 tape running at 15 ips used by the film crew with some of it on 8 track from the studio. There was 4x the audio as they just left the recorders running over the 22 days they were shooting - cameras were on/off a lot In plenty of places conversations were drowned out by cranked up amps ( on purpose and unintentionally ) - the Sound dept wrote ML software to split out everything, so much of it, especially the intimate conversations were not at all audible originally. There is a video showing comparison but not sure where this is available, it was shown to a bunch of press It's an pretty amazing watch hey
  4. Rubber monkey in New Zealand has a new one. Check their website
  5. Ive got a CS3e - picks it out but I rarely enjoy the sound of it - the cs-m1 sounds much nicer in this video to me
  6. I would hope not. 2.4 is becoming a swamp on set with all the other depts running gear on it
  7. Yep, considerably better - to the point where Im happy to go wireless boom all the time
  8. Not 100% if it’s the question but using MM into HMA and a straight HM on the daily - difference is night and day
  9. While we’re here. I need a new mount for my 8050, older cinela seems bent out of shape, not good at all Recommends?
  10. That sounds awesome but will last exactly around 15-30 seconds from switching it on on a set running wireless camera and lighting
  11. Don’t go Zax until you’ve done at least a few gigs with a borrowed / rented one
  12. Hi John 1st priority was sorting as much leakage as possible, taming the room comes next. PA is QSC K12s left and right and a KS118 sub Doing some Room acoustics engineering would be ideal, initial queries showed it to be too expensive - they’re working with a budget of a couple grand - this is a smallish but popular centre run by volunteers that mostly runs in the red. Do you have access to acoustic design software or point me to where to access it ? Ill go and measure It up if so regards
  13. Thank you both. Yes helping to affirm current plan - clarify couple things Thanks John. Yes diffusion and trapping is stage 2. This is rough design I did - scale is bit out
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