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  1. Don’t go Zax until you’ve done at least a few gigs with a borrowed / rented one
  2. Hi John 1st priority was sorting as much leakage as possible, taming the room comes next. PA is QSC K12s left and right and a KS118 sub Doing some Room acoustics engineering would be ideal, initial queries showed it to be too expensive - they’re working with a budget of a couple grand - this is a smallish but popular centre run by volunteers that mostly runs in the red. Do you have access to acoustic design software or point me to where to access it ? Ill go and measure It up if so regards
  3. Thank you both. Yes helping to affirm current plan - clarify couple things Thanks John. Yes diffusion and trapping is stage 2. This is rough design I did - scale is bit out
  4. Thanks Peter Yes, it all needs to be removable on the daily To clarify on my post - I’m trying to optimise what we’ve got - cheers
  5. I’m helping out some friends that have a worship space - They recently converted the big rear room into a yoga studio / devotional music space which gets loud - There used to be a big shrine type arrangement blocking the rear windows but that has moved and the neighbours are complaining. we need to build some plugs to go into the 2 large window cavities. They can be 200mm deep ( not ideal ) but this also will make them more manageable. The plan is 3 plugs - 1200mm wide by 1200 high that fit in each window space . I’m looking for advice on the composition Currently looking at ( with materials to hand ) From inside room to window. 18mm ply to 70mm Audex foam Then airgap then foam then another layer ply, to make them 200mm deep, and boxing around outside to hold together. Do folk think this is best layering for sound proofing? Was considering long thin slots in front ply to help act as traps / diffusers. Any opinions on whether slots would compromise proofing over benefits it may provide? thanks for your time and help will also be building baffles and getting some carpet but the plugs are needed asap there is a pretty limited budget but some handy folk there JAS
  6. Bide your time. Most holographic pres’ I’ve ever heard
  7. Uncle Google and auntie jwsound aren’t coughing up the answer Ive a Deva IV with updated board - anyone know if this means it has timecode on the hirose 10 pin ( as does fusion ). Cheers and thanks in advance JAS
  8. I recently wired 3-4 people during training for periods on a boxing doco, they wore singlets for all the training. I used mm400s in a padded belt, pack on side with b6S with k tape - Depending on the fabric/sweat levels. they stayed on ok or were hopeless and fell off. Need a few tape options/colours. Some visual signs were acceptable to the director but once on they weren’t too bad at all ( unless the Lav fell off ) If I do it again I’ll either get mic bras or stitch the mics in / stitch a little pouch and probably use a different Lav maybe b3 The wires definitely got a bunch or stuff I’d never have got on the boom, with 2 shooters on zooms. The boxing gyms were full of bright lights and mirrors presenting booms their own set of issues as well.
  9. Have had a bit of a look but can’t find clear answer - Can anyone advise whether these older units with the UDM power and rf distro supply power for active antennae - appreciation in advance
  10. Thanks for This. Had to knock one up quickly for shoot last couple of days when the camera didn’t show up with an adaptor c@ble
  11. So in summery, based on reading the replies - ‘neverclip’ doesn’t actually do that - It’s a tool that when used correctly ( which exactly how seems to be difficult to explain ) can help prevent clipping. Thus recordists with this facility, expect it to prevent clipping, run hot levels, and what you’re hearin’ is good old fashioned distortion from limiters. I presume this also because I went thru the same thing, and instead use gain staging ( and Sonosax limiters ) regards
  12. jozzafunk


    I was measuring cicadas nearing 90dB with a sound metering app earlier this year - some long days - whole feature at 1 location, historic house - the constant din was draining all the crew - The script was rewritten to try deal with the noise - it’s not finished yet so not sure of outcome post has best cicada atmos ever Soundfield thru a Sonosax sxst8
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