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    I'm a freelance sound recordist and video editor. I work mostly on corporate and commercial projects with a few short films and docs along the way.
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  1. Yea, it stopped working on iOS as well.
  2. I'm guessing a typo with 25mw vs 10mw on a single lithium? I can't imagine a higher output would get a longer runtime.... Though that would be nice.
  3. I remember reading somewhere here on this forum regarding the difference between digital and analog power output and why digital does not need a 250mW option, specifically on lectro transmitters. Can someone please point me in the right direction of what reading material or educate me on the difference? Reason I'm asking is Lectro just released the new DBSM and DBSMD transmitters and their power output settings differ from their SM counterparts. Thanks!
  4. So I have 3 Sanken wires, all suppose to be normal sensitivity. I did a test and one came in 10db lower. I sent in the -10db wire with a normal one to a shop to get the -10 to match with the normal wires. They came back matching, except now I have two out of three wires that are -10db... I opened up the connector after reading this thread regarding resistors and wanted to confirm if that was the case. the wires coming under 10db don’t have a resistor and the one “normal” has one. Isn’t a resistor suppose to reduce the sensitivity, not increase? What am I missing?
  5. Thanks! This makes a lot of sense.
  6. I have both the DCR 822 and SrC receivers. Both have a Lectro SMV as a transmitter sending to one of their respective channels. From my research and reading, I understand that lectrosonics recommends maxing out the audio out level on the receiver side, but the 822 max is +7dB and the SrC is +5dB. My question is if I want to match both SMVs sound and levels, should I match the DCR822 to +5dB like it is with the SrC or I compensate the difference downstream through my recorder's (SD633) gain stage? Or does it not matter at all? Both SMVs are set at the same settings. Any input appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone received one of these yet? Thoughts?
  8. I notice there are bumpers on the corner of the slate. Where did you get them?
  9. As a one man band, this slate is great for docs and smaller productions. They are smaller compared to the Denecke TS-3. I've heard camera department doesn't like these as they are too small to write info on. So basically I can see this as a great travelling or small production slate like the TS-C, but not so much for main production. For the product itself, it's a great slate. I was worried the numbers may be hard to read but they seem fine. Build quality is great. What I'd like to see Betso do is make a larger version and a rain cover case for these. I really like the betso ecosystem and what they are offering.
  10. Anyone tried Betsy's new slates yet? How they compare to ambient and denecke? Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Did you try going to skin? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    This has been awhile but I'd like to give my input now with the ursa products. Ankle Straps - Overall these are much better, especially on hot days as these seem to breathe better than the neopax. They are also good under skinny jeans or like it as it's a slightly lower profile than the neopax as well. The only thing I can say that is a con, if it is at all, is that the ability to slide it into the pouch during a battery change takes a bit longer than a neopax. This can be probably be fixed if you add a strap over it to help pull one side open and slide the transmitter in. Otherwise, it's a solid strap to use in the bag. Thigh Straps - This is is a love and hate relationship. I really like the fact that it has an antislip material on the inside and they are lower profile than neopax. HOWEVER, I really wish they make a horizontal pouch because it slims the actual surface area I have to hide underneath a dress. There is a bit of anti slip in the pouch and I have tried to flip it upside down, but More times than I would like, it has slipped out of the pouch. What I would really like to see is the neopax horizontal thigh pack but with the ursa material. That would be gold and the female actors would love it if the antenna doesn't poke them... if you know what I mean. Waist Straps - Same thing with the ankle. Solid. Soft Circles - In terms of quality, These are far superior compared to the rycote. In terms of quantity, They are expensive for the amount you get compared to rycote. If you are able to grab the mic before actors pull them off, then you can save the soft circles and reuse them many, many times. If you lose one, cost-wise it's expensive vs losing a rycote undercover. You'll have to determine the situation if this is worth it. I've used it for one show where the actors are very good at meeting me to be de-wired so I can save the soft circles vs the actors on the show I'm on now that they will rip them off themselves and may lose the circles before I get to them. Bottom line: if you can manage saving them or have a budget for losing them, then go for it. That's all I have for now. Again, it's different from person to person and from situation to situation. Use your best judgement if these products may work for you. At best, The ankles are solid and can't go wrong with them. Hope this helps someone.
  13. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    I agree. Neopax gives you two per strap. Don't get me wrong, the material for the Ursa is nice, but really, a protector should be included for that price. The thigh pack with the rubber grip seems to work well but the one suppose to stop the transmitter from sliding out is not doing its job well.
  14. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    Thanks everyone. My reserved thoughts were for the price (I'm in Canada), it's rather expensive for what you get. It's about $10 more than neopax and it doesn't come with a protector (which cost about $24 for 4). The thigh pack I've been having issues with right out of the gate, having the transmitter somehow falls out (lectro smv) even with the rubber lining inside the pouch. Plus they only come in large pouch for thighs. I find it slightly too roomy for a smv. I just took an extra Velcro from a neopax and stored it on top so it can't fall out anymore. I haven't tried the other products yet. They feel nice though. I really wish it just came with the pouch protectors.
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