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    I work at a production company in San Diego, where I pretty much handle everything audio related. I primarily work in post, but per my boss's request, am now trying to become more knowledgable about production sound.
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  1. ​Hey Jon, thanks for your input, just wondering if you could elaborate on " be real pro's, i.e. work with our dept."? Work with our department as in work with audio, or do you mean something else? My friends and I are both fresh out of school, they majored in film, I majored in computer science/ music, and we've all been working at a local studio for about a year, and have kind of hit the ceiling here; hence our attempts to find other work. This is all to say that none of us want to scab or undercut, but finding those pathways to better work and identifying the people who can and are willing to help, can be pretty difficult when you're new to the field/ industry and have little, if any, leverage. How did you make those initial contacts and jobs, if you don't mind my asking? How did you recognize which opportunities were dead ends and which were potentially fruitful when you were in my situation, other than just jumping in and seeing where it lead you? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Jose for the heads up, really appreciate it. Any of you guys had experience or know any one who has used SMU on the video side of things? A couple of the guys I work with now, first and second ac's, are looking on there for work too; figured I pass along the warning if its the same/similar situation for video as it sounds like it is for audio.
  3. Interesting, and also too bad to hear. It'd be great if it promoted a stronger community and a better platform for people like me, newbs, to find veritable work and get a foot in the door, instead of having to essentially resort to cold calling people's names I find in the credits of favorite shows/ movies and hoping for a response. Tom that's really interesting you mention that, definitely good to know; don't want to start out by swiping jobs out from other people. Jesse, do you use the paid version? I just use the standard, i.e. free, membership, figured, I'd test it out before buying in.
  4. Just recently started my Staff Me Up profile, and was wondering if anybody on here might mind voicing their thoughts on it? As someone who's trying to establish themselves in this business and therefore needs to find work, it'd be great to hear the good the bad, and everything in between. Is it a good place to find work, or at the very least a good alternative to Craigslist? Interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers!
  5. Thanks John and Jose for the tips! I'll definitely look through the credits to see if I can grab some names.
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody on here had any experience with travel type shows, e.g. Parts Unknown, Nat Geo sort of stuff, and how one might go about getting on those crews? I'm relatively new, but have always wanted to work on travel shows and was just wondering if anybody could recommend some proactive steps I could take to work my way there eventually. Thanks! Josh
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