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  1. By drilling through it like you would do with the epoxy method. I made it so you can drill on the third ring of the connector. I think it's suitable for 3mm diameter cable max. I need to test it out.
  2. I'm working on this, what do you think ?
  3. I just printed a dashboard. I still have a margin for improvment but I'm pretty happy with the result.
  4. So I got a 3D printer and I have a few ideas regarding sound related prints. I'm using G3s for sending audio to cameras which I usually place in the side mounted pouches of my OR30. But those pouches are to big for G3s and I had a few fall over. So I came up with this. This is going to be field tested in the next few days. I already know that this is going to be a bit weak since this is a first draft PLA print but I was wondering what are your thoughts on this project and if you had any ideas to improve upon that idea. Just so you know this is not a commercial project and this will probably end up on Thingiverse.
  5. Did anyone tried to make a soundbag dashboard with a 3D printer ?
  6. Thank you, I'm going to try the D-tape charger.
  7. Hello, I'm having an issue with a SWIT NP-1 battery (S-8073N). I left by accident an MCR42 receiver on, until the battery got fully discharged. Since then the battery won't charge anymore. Is there anything I can try to bring it back to life or have I damaged the internal circuit board for good ? Thanks, Nicolas
  8. The ACN master lockit is a transmitter so yes, you need TC receiver on the camera in order to transmit TC.
  9. So as I'm sure you've heard SD offers now a solution to control some features on their 6 series mixer/recorders wirelessly (coming along with a new firmware update) via third party timecode hardware and software (Timecode systems Ambient, recording and PureBlend). All details are on their website... First, thank you SD for updating your products on a regular basis. I think it shows how serious of a company you are and that you care about your customers. BUT, does it really had to involve a 1000$+ extra piece of gear ? I really love the idea of having metadatas on my iPad and all but I won't spend that much for it. Plus I already have a timecode solution. Am I the only one thinking that way ? Do you think it's plausible that SD will release their own wifi dongle and dedicated app at some point ? Lets talk about it, Nicolas
  10. My 633 crached big time rencently, anything that I could do but reload the firmware... So I loaded the 1.04 and since then my wired keyboard does not respond anymore....
  11. lots of new cool stuff too !
  12. In my case it's pretty clear, I have a loss of low end when the phase switch is off. And it's pretty easy to compare since there is no phase switch on the other channels... By the way let me clarify that my phase issues were not happening between lavs but between my lavs and my boom.
  13. Indeed it's not a random phenomenon. I have this issue on track where I can't " switch phase" I have this issue with my personnal Sennheisers G3 with cos11... Is there a wiring solution ? Can I modify my XLR/JACK câble or can I create some kind of polarity inverter câble ?
  14. In most cases I'm using sennheiser g3...
  15. Indeed I meant polarity. I sometime mix my own audio and I have to invert the polarity of my lavs on order to have a full sound. So yes I can fix it in post but voices are often sounding very thin in my mixdown.... Sound devices please make an update with polarity switches on all channels. It would be a uge improvment.
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