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    I am a freelance sound mixer in Los Angeles. I use a sound devices 552 Mixer, and Sennheiser mics. I've only been in the field for 3 years.
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  1. Thank you for the responses. I actually don't know the budget. I was just told to get a design together and they would give it to the contractor. I have tried getting in touch with other studios with quality foley stages, but I can never get any straight answers. I've also tried calling contractors who specialize in sound facilities, but they don't want to give me free information. I'll try posting this over on Geartslutz
  2. Hi Everyone, I am a Sound Editor at a post sound studio in Hollywood, and we are in the process of building a new space. I was put in charge of designing our foley pits, and I don't really have any experience with the design and construction of them. This is a legitimate foley stage, so please don't give me ideas for portable pits. We are going to have one small pit in our ADR room, and then a larger pit for our theater. I have a few questions about the construction of these foley pits for anyone who might know. 1) How deep do the pits need to be? 2) For surfaces like tile, wood, and carpet, do I need dig out the space and pour concrete to put the tile and carpet on, or can I place the tile on the preexisting concrete without digging out the space? 3) I'm assuming the pit is one large hole, but each surface is divided by wood. What kind of wood and how thick does it need to be? 4) What is the ideal size for each surface? 5) I plan on pouring the concrete into a hole that is at least 4 feet deep to prevent it sounding hollow, but is there a way to keep the concrete surface from sound clicky? We aren't going to have a water pit, because there isn't enough budget to add plumbing to drain it. Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated. -Matt
  3. Thank you for the information everyone! I really appreciate the help. I'll probably go rent an Ambient generator and play around with it for a day so I don't look like a rookie on set.
  4. I've looked and read through many different forums and websites trying to get a straight answer, but I'm not 100% clear on what I need. Here is the situation: I have a multicam interview shoot with one ARRI Alexa and one ARRI Amira. They want timecode to be synced between cameras and the sound recorder without being tethered. I am recording on a Sound Devices 552 mixer which doesn't generate timecode. What I need is a straight forward explanation of what I need to rent to make this happen and how to set it up. Does anyone have any input? As a side note, I do NOT want to record timecode through XLR, I want to use the TA3F Connector so it timestamps the audio file. I've never had to sync timecode before, so talk to me as if I'm a complete moron in the matter. PLEASE any thoughts and references would be much appreciated.
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