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    I am a Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer - I am the President of CYM Media & Entertainment, we do film and media production, as well as event production in the Washington DC area.
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  1. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. One of my AC friends asked me to post - anyone know what the battery tech is inside the Ambient Powerslot? Thanks!
  3. I dont - my theatrical world is all Sennheiser, and I bought these tan 4061's as "extras" if I needed in my film kit. But now I have so many hardwired for my Lectro rigs that I was debating the cost of the adapters vs the hard wiring. And the ends get chopped off in the AM!
  4. These would actually be for a theatrical use - so you are taking about what keeps me up at night Thanks!
  5. Hi all - searched and couldn't find much on this. Have a pair of DPA 4061s w/ Microdot and I'm debating if I should get them changed over to hardwired connectors because I really only use them for one purpose. Has anyone had issues with the microdot adapters vs have a TA5 or 1/8" directly on the cable? All of my other 4061's are hardwired for TA5. Thanks!
  6. Anyone have an issue with their Smart Mono Charger? Mine turns on, and displays the current battery info - and then just sits there. It goes through the motions on screen like it is charging - but none of the meters have changed, nor does the battery show its been charged. Any thoughts?
  7. I did this with a OWC and it was very simple - just make yourself a boot USB stick to reload the OS. Just be careful because there is a sensor that attaches to the HDD. If it breaks then it can't tell temperature properly and the fan will run at full blast no matter what.
  8. Wow - so why all the big deal with TC if I can just sync in Plural Eyes or Premiere using the audio track? What'd I spend all this money for Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sorry if this is common sense, or something often talked about that I'm not searching for correctly, but I figured I'd just take a stab and see if I can get some opinions... I typically do a lot of post work for the short films that my company produces - just comes with the territory. In the past, not having a timecode recorder I would create new master video files after each shoot, creating files with the 2nd system audio built in with the video track - time consuming but it worked. Fast forward to now - I have a 664 and we shot on a Weapon and everything was in TC heaven... so now what?? I've been told the whole point is so that editors can take the camera files w/ the scratch track - do their edit - and then somehow in some audio software (probably ProTools) I can get an EDL or XML and it will magically put my TC audio files into the right place and add all the iso tracks - and all that good stuff... So how do I do that... I typically use Logic or Adobe Audition for my smaller mixing work - is this a ProTools only thing? I'm working with editors who use Premiere, not Avid.. Thanks for all your help in advance!!
  10. But if I were to get a license that still doesn't give you the ability to work/own in the 700 Mhz range right?
  11. So here is my real question - because I still see lots of 700Mhz gear for sale all the time. How many people (off the record) are using that frequency range still, and do you actually have any problems? I'm not looking to purchase myself into having issues, but as I slowly try to upgrade myself away from G3's - there is a good bit of used Lectro in the higher blocks that are really reasonable. I just don't want to make a mistake by buying them and never being able to get a clear signal. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys- exactly what I was looking for!!
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